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The Mirror of Reason


..And her eyes sparkled like bright stars, but there was neither peace nor rest in their glance. Empty, vast, and cold were the halls of the Snow Queen. In the midst of it was a frozen lake, broken on its surface into a thousand forms; each piece resembled another, from being in itself perfect as a work of art. She called the lake “The Mirror of Reason,” and said that it was the best, and indeed the only one in the world. Acrylic on canvas.

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Incredible. What a brilliant concept, executed perfectly… Love this.

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The mirror of reason

Please forgive me for going into more personal detail rather than cold analysis here:

This piece touches me personally and goes very deep into private un-languaged feelings about my condition and my inspiration at all times: Schmerzenslust
What I see is the moment just before the first scratch, the adrenal excitement that comes when I begin to cause the pain, the lust, the sin of damaging my skin.

It is the hot orange pulsating terror emerging from a cold veil of reason that makes your creation more than it seems:

She knows what is about to happen and she enjoys it!
Her glassy eyes show how she distances herself from reality to perform her masochistic and furious sexual rage against herself.
She will stop once she draws the first drop of blood, then pleasure subsides and is traded for despair.
She can stand the pain and she has learned to avoid the hatred.
It is her secret...
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The colours you use in the skin, warm and bright, contrasted with the colder background makes the work feel cold and huddled, along with her posture. The pearls are detailed, well highlighted with eye-catching shadows, and the shadows you place around the work draw the eye to her closed off posture and fear, whilst grounding some of the surrealist colouring.
The paint strokes at the top that simulate hair draw the eye upward, but I think the lack of highlighting on the tattoos - although giving them a more solid and comic effect - convolutes the piece with very prominent black patterns that make it difficult to focus.. However, the expression is sharp and eye-catching, interwoven with a sharp combination of colours - the orange-red around the facial features lend them warmth and life, whilst the cold eyes draw attention.
The brush strokes are fantastically blended, with larger stylistic strokes and smaller, more minute work in the baby hair around the face. Your use of colour is excellent - saturated shadows give the piece a surreal and dream-like feeling.
The use of water rivulets on her arm however are somewhat distracting - their thickness and lack of transparency draws attention away from the necklaces and appears almost too solid.
A really fantastic rendition of her form, with careful shading depicting her ribs and her metacarpals without any abrupt sketches. This piece shows a real mastery of painting technique, but also a careful control of style.
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Beautiful, amazing work~! 
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Wonderful work! Clap 
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Absolutely love this 
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A mesmerising portrait, beautiful and burning like pure snow... The leading vertical lines of the picture -- the cataract of ice and water surrounding the sinewy body of the Snow Queen, as well as her own upended hair -- make it a vividly dynamic piece, while the way she emerges from the cold blue background, combined with the intensity of her gaze and the feral aspect of her tattoos, is full of raw energy. Indeed a magnificent work, and a powerful reinvention of Andersen's character.
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thank you so much <3
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Beautiful painting skills...
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Her eyes have exactly the gaze described, it's wonderful how intense they are! And the shimmers and icicles around her form are so evocative and icy-looking ~
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I was watching some of you youtube speed paints, do you thin or water down the acrylics in the beginning and layer them? Your style is just the most fascinating to me I would love to learn more about how to paint like you do.
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Thanks <3 More detailed information on my process, longer videos and answers to any questions available on my Patreon - ;)
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You're welcome, and I signed up and began donating!
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is amazing, I love it
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This is very icy and intense, especially her eyes. The colors harmonize well too!
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Wow! Phenomenal work!
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