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A Shared Moment
It was getting late, but I couldn’t be sure quite how late; time melted away and lost meaning. It couldn’t be too late, surely, I was merely getting drowsy from the comfort I found in the situation, the moment, and how nice it felt to be there at that time. We were laying in bed together, nothing naughty or scandalous about it, just enjoying the company. I was curled towards her, holding her close to me because it always felt like she could disappear in a moment’s notice. My face nestled in her neck but it wasn’t difficult to breath, no, it was quite cozy instead. I reached up to place a gentle kiss on her cheek from time to time, but mostly we didn’t move. It was nicer to just stay there, holding each other’s presence, drifting someplace between asleep and reality. Music played from her phone, keeping me alert just a little bit each time the song changed, keeping me from disappearing completely into the abyss of slumber. I’d rather stay awake
:iconev13il:eV13il 4 1
Flail Rescue
Michelle strode up to the gatekeeper, her chin tilted up as she regarded the odd looking thing; some sort of hybrid between a lion, bear, and falcon. The creature (probably a type of chimera) rumbled upon someone approaching and cleared its throat. But she interrupted it before it could speak. “Yeah I know I gotta answer a riddle already. Just send it my way.”
The chimera looked surprised, but nodded anyway. “What goes by four legs in the morning—”
“Man,” she interrupted.
Growling, the chimera became annoyed by her speedy answer. So he decided to try another. “I’m far from the point—”
“Pencil eraser.” She began tapping her foot at him
One more, he thought to himself. This one would surely stump her. “The part of the bird that’s not in the sky,” he paused, waiting to see if she already knew the answer. When she didn’t, he continued. “That swims in the ocean but always stays dry. W
:iconev13il:eV13il 3 6
Pet to Greet
One day Lasair woke up deciding to try something different today. A sort of social experiment if you will. He decided that he would greet every person he met by a pat on the head; a pet as if it were a dog or a cat under his hand.
The first person he ran into was a good friend of his; a lady by the name of Edelweiss. He strode right up to her, smiled, and petted her long red hair. “Good morning. Nice day, isn’t it?” he spoke to her in a happy tone.
She blinked several times in confusion, trying to understand what the meaning of the hair touch was. But then she chuckled lightly and shrugged. “I suppose it is.”
They continued for a bit, exchanging some words, and then Lasair moved on to find other people he knew.
The next he encountered was an old friend of his, someone he had known longer than most; a girl by the name of Zona. He walked up to her in the same chipper mood and planted a hand on her shorter head, stroking the hair lightly. “How’ve
:iconev13il:eV13il 0 2
One Question Allowed
The guard saw a young kid approaching and sighed to himself. Another punk looking to “Improve the human race starting with himself.” Honestly, he didn’t care how many people knew the secret path to go around the walls, it didn’t change the fact that one needed to retrieve something from INSIDE the maze to be permitted entry here.
“Kid,” the guard called, shifting his spear to block the door. “You gotta go through the labyrinth to walk inside here.”
“I did that already,” the teen replied with a slick smile.
The guard blinked several times. “What.”
“Yup! And I knew I had to bring something from the center of the maze with me, so I brought you the Goblin King himself, Wobie.” Pulling his arm out from behind his back, he revealed a rather plump goblin that had a crown on his head. The goblin was cursing nonstop, yet didn’t try to escape. “What can I say; I’m an instant star. Just add water
:iconev13il:eV13il 3 7
Like a Game
Performing on stage was like a game. She knew all the rules, knew the techniques for getting a high score, and now it was up to her to play the game however she wanted.
The game was simple; climb up high and don’t fall down. Looking down subtracted ten point; falling was fifty. Once she was up high it was time to start the act; landing the jump earned twenty points, stumbling only earned five. Then it was throwing knifes; ten points for every target she hit. Minus five for every one that wasn’t a bullseye. There were also miscellaneous things as well; like grinning at the audience (five points), keeping the fluidity with her motions (fifteen points), and remembering where to speed up or slow down in time with the music (points may vary).
It was hard work, yet it was her job now, a choice she had made and refused to look back on. She enjoyed it most of the time, but there were nights when walking home with a low score just wore her out a bit too much.
But it was all just a g
:iconev13il:eV13il 1 0
She braced for impact, happy her eyes were protected with goggles. Wait for it…
A flash of light, the signal, hit her eyes. She unfolded her wings, flapping them to align herself for a smooth entry into the water.
Taking a few breaths, her gills formed. Gulping, she and swam away, eager to skydive again.
:iconev13il:eV13il 2 0
A Swap of Lives
She looked down at her hands, sighing as she thought of her older sister, trapped in a land far away. How terrible it must feel to be a mage in a land without magic. Years of practice and training, diligence and muscle memory, all for nothing as the stuff just didn’t exist anymore.
Her sister often contacted her, using the special bond the two of them shared. Her sister would talk endlessly about the pain she was in, about how she was trying to adjust, about how she wanted for forget magic but she couldn’t. On she would go, talking to the younger sister for ages while barely a word came from the other, eyes locked down at her hands.
Something would happen to end the conversation and the younger sister would sigh, not having the strength to look up and return to her reality just yet. Because as much as she wanted to sympathize with her sister, she just couldn’t. Not while she was a magic-less human in a world were magic is the norm.
:iconev13il:eV13il 1 2
Answer The Door
You hear a knock at the door.
To answer it, go to page two.
To ignore it and go back to pretending you’re the only person in the world, go to page three.
What do you mean you want to answer the door? Why would anybody do that?
Return to your previous page or start over.
You plug in your headphones and crank the volume up high. That’ll teach that stranger to try and come to your house today. But wait, you haven’t actually decided what you’re going to listen to just yet.
To listen to music, go to page fifteen.
To play some video games, go to page four.
With the knock at the door fading from your memory, you decide that it’s time to practice your gamer skills with a good ol’ round of…something.
To play a first person shooter, go to page five.
To play minesweeper, go to page seven.
You click on your favorite shooter game of the hour, eager to jump in and be the sharpshooter you know you are at heart,
:iconev13il:eV13il 1 7
The Scar Story
“So how’d you get that scar on your eyebrow there?” someone asked, pointing a finger at the man’s left brow.
The man chuckled, took another sip of his drink and leaned back, remembering the story like it was only yesterday.
“When I was traveling across the world, there was this one night I stopped to stay in a run down town. It was a place that looked like it had been great once upon a time. Like the sidewalk was all fancy and pretty and white until it took a few years of weathering that turned it cracked and brown. And the buildings were the same; expensive, but run down looking. Like no one had done any sort of maintenance on them in a really long time.”
He took a swig from his drink. “Anyway, I ride into town and first place I go to is the bar, because that’s always the place you go to first; it’s were you find out the Do’s and the Don’t of the town. So I walked in there and ordered a drink. Next thing I know I’
:iconev13il:eV13il 1 2
Why Don't You Visit?
I wanted to go exploring with you, like we used to. Just run out into the backyard and see what adventures our minds could conjure up for us to run away with. Far, far away we would go, only returning when the sun began to flee, leaving us no choice but to retire inside.
When was it that you stopped coming around?
I just wanted to spend time with you. I wanted you to play with me and make me smile and be happy. We could read a story or I could make up a story to tell you about. You’d ask about my day and smile and laugh at the funny parts and then frown and hug me gently at the bad parts.
How long has it been since I saw you?
There was a night where I had a dream about you. It was surreal and confusing because I wanted to see you again. I can’t remember the last time I wanted to see you again. But in the dream I did and I was eager and ready to have all the fun we used to have. But when I got off the bus, something was different. It was you but it wasn’t. You were som
:iconev13il:eV13il 0 6
The Mind
There was no truth before We made it. We took fear. We took prejudice. We took hate, and We dissolved it. We became one source, one truth, one mind. And those who joined Us were happy. Our happiness was pure. The bliss of knowledge, understanding, and unity. And We wanted to share. That was all We ever wanted, to make the world happy.
And so when the stranger arrives, We want him to be happy too. Whatever it takes.
He didn’t intend to stay in the town long, just one night. His car had been giving him troubles quite often now, but this was the first time it completely broke down. His buddy offered to help him figure out the mess…tomorrow. At least he had decent internet service in this run down town, so as the last taste of his Starbucks faded from his tongue, he could keep up to date with everything happening online.
But when his phone died, emitting one last beep as the screen turned blank, he has no choice but to get up and walk around. The people in the tow
:iconev13il:eV13il 3 2
I Feel Like a Woman
The morning began like any other one did; dull. Edwin woke up and rolled over, standing up and sticking a hand in his boxers to scratch himself as he walked to the bathroom. After two steps he paused, a concerned expression painting his face. He looked down to examine the area, only to find a mound of flesh in his way that hadn’t been there before.
It took his sleepy brain a solid thirty seconds to realize those were breasts blocking his view, and the reason his underwear felt overly empty was because his manhood had turned into a womanhood.
He blinked, stumbling backwards and falling onto the floor as his brain took in the serious of his revelation. It seemed that he had turned into a woman over night. And well, it wasn’t exactly something he was pleased about. He crawled over to the mirror and looked himself over, scowling as the angular features that usually outlined his face were instead softer and more rounded. His morning stubble was absent. And the rest of his body h
:iconev13il:eV13il 0 2
Go Drunk, You're Home
He awoke from the drug-induced slumber in a haze. He’s hadn’t been asleep but he pretended he had been as he stood up and walked out of the building. How long had it been moving? A squirrel ran up to him and cocked its head before saying, “Get on with your life man. It’s moving on without you,” before running away.
Chuckling at the animal he stepped forward and wondered why the ground tackled him for a hug. “At least the gnomes love me,” he whispered, pulling himself away from his earthly lover. The gnome ran away in shame, bumping into the newest high tech mobile slot machine on the way.
“I need to get home,” he mumbled, taking a few more steps forward. He stumbled again, grabbing onto the sexy park bench. “You’re looking fine tonight,” he cooed to the ladylike bench. She scoffed at him and turned away. Figures that she would pretend the other night never happened.
Frowning, he turned around and found a red sleigh
:iconev13il:eV13il 2 5
Training Camp Example
“Hayden!” Gladys flinched as she heard her name, already knowing that her meal would be unfinished today. She took one more bite and then stood up, ready to discard the remains as more words were shot at her. “Report to the Training Grounds immediately!” the officer continued to bark. She had been right; she was being sent off to do something or another. Again. It was always her getting the short end of the stick.
Tossing her food into the trash, she walked quickly past the officer and towards the destination he had instructed for her. The training field was an average sized lot of grass outside one of the bigger building. Normally it was barren, save for some chalk outlines to divide space, or a few dummies used to practice swordplay. But today there was a different sight waiting for her as she pushed through the door. Today there was an obstacle coarse waiting before her and before she had time to analyze it, a whistle sounded in her ears, followed by a sharp
:iconev13il:eV13il 0 0
The Chi-Burg Fire
Right around nine o’clock at night, a fire broke out behind the house of Patrick and Catharine O’Leary. The fire spread furiously and fast, engulfing the home, the house next door, the whole street, and soon, the whole city was alight as the fire made it appear as though it was mid afternoon instead of nearly midnight.
The people ran through the streets, screaming as the burning buildings began to topple and fall, aiding the fire as it spread with gaining speed. It was painful to watch, and yet, oddly fascinating when viewed from the sky. At least, that’s what Max Pruss thought as he watched from within his Zeppelin.
The fire burned for two days as Max watched from the safety of the sky, noticing how the fire moved from one area to the next, clinging to anything flammable it could find. Wood was such a favored material in the city, and yet, it was causing so much trouble right now. The people had escaped, for the most part, but that didn’t mean lives were still
:iconev13il:eV13il 0 5
Street Encounter
“He was like a father to me. I’ll never forget the last time I saw him, as he stepped onto the train, heading to his death at Castamere.”
Leo slowed his footsteps as he overheard the conversation, trying to find the source of those words. While it didn’t matter much, he was still intrigued by the fact someone else was sharing a story of trauma. He wanted to hear more.
“His face has turned blurry to me, but I remember the way he used to laugh. And I remember how he used to be smoking all the time.” Scanning the crowd, Leo found the source of the voice and his heart sank. He knew that face and the boy it belonged to. “When he died I decided to join the ranks. Those foreigners took the kindest man I’ve ever known away from me. They need to pay.” The hatred was practically seeping from his voice at this point.
Pulling his hood tighter over his face, Leo’s mouth felt dry as he continued to listen, feeling as though the hatred was d
:iconev13il:eV13il 0 2
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