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Eeveelution Squad -Cover-


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*Update: New Year, New Cover, A remastered version of the original cover. The logo was created by :iconmickeymario64:*

*Update: Adding smaller versions of Eeveelutions (Based on previous cover)*

*Update: I decided to change the cover. All the floating objects are just evolution symbols of the Eeveelutions.*

First cover:  Eeveelution Squad (First cover) by EV-Zero
Second cover:  Eeveelution Squad (Second cover) by EV-Zero


This is the web comic series I've been working on. I guess it can be called "ES" for short.

This comic is about Eeveelutions as you can see. Some parts of this story will be the complete versions of Comic tests I've made before. I might use a lot of references in here so yeah... I don't know how this is gonna turn out but I give it a shot anyway. I still want to practice more on making comics even though I already made some already.

Anyway, I hope you look forward to it! :)


Introduction: ES: Introduction

Chapters list:
-Prologue: ES: Prologue -Cover-
-Chapter 1: ES: Chapter 1 -Cover-
-Chapter 2: ES: Chapter 2 -Cover-
-Chapter 3: ES: Chapter 3 -Cover-
-Chapter 4: ES: Chapter 4 -Cover-
-Chapter 5: ES: Chapter 5 -Cover-
-Special Chapter 1: ES: Special Chapter 1 -Cover-
-Special Chapter 2: ES: Special Chapter 2 -Cover-
-Special Chapter 3: ES: Special Chapter 3 -Cover-
-Special Chapter 4: ES: Special Chapter 4 -Cover-
-Special Chapter 5: ES: Special Chapter 5 -Cover-
-Special Chapter 6: ES: Special Chapter 6 -Cover-
-Special Chapter 7: ES: Special Chapter 7 -Cover-
-Special Chapter 8: ES: Special Chapter 8 -Cover-
-Special Chapter 9: ES: Special Chapter 9 -Cover-
-Special Chapter 10: ES: Special Chapter 10 -Cover-
-Special Chapter 11: ES: Special Chapter 11 -Cover-
-Special Chapter 12A: ES: Special Chapter 12A -Cover-
-Special Chapter 12B: ES: Special Chapter 12B -Cover-






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German version (fan translation):…

Russian version (fan translation):…

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Italian version (fan translation):…

Slovakia version (fan translation):…


More of this series:…

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