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ES: Entering Main Story

Another Chibi.

We're now back to Main Chapter, but I actually haven't finished the storyboard for Chapter 5 yet ^^;

Also, the new logo was made by :iconmickeymario64:


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Nah I hate MickeyMario64 Becuz he delete all eeveelotion Squad comic dub I hate him so much

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I think he got copyrighted by the original voice actor for lazuli but I don't know thats how someone answer when I asked why the eeveelution squad dub was privated

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Where can I locate the dubs

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It's not his fault, he's just doing this because he doesn't want to get Copyrighted again.

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finally main ch.V

I've lost track of which eeveelution is who, but i'm doing ny lseftsaflkang ;kcgkascfkjxlxs cd at trying to tell the difference.

(Please excuse the lack of insanity in the GIF link hidden in the space)
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Now Back To Our Show...
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*Hums catchy jingle*
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silvia looks so cute... I SAID NOTHING.... YOU ALL HEARD NOTHING...
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What did you say?
I didn't hear you?
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Surprised Kirby Umm... Yeah... Okay... see ya...  sans - fuk dis shit im out :D 
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Kinda late, but shouldn't it be "re-entering"?
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I'll use this word next time
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well. i will be waiting for chapter 5
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he is out...  ES: Chapter 5 -Cover- by PKM-150  

it just it still say here "coming soon"
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...I just realized earlier that Umbreon is basically a PKMN version of Brock who dosen't really like love confessions and just spies on them. XD
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The 2 best things are my favourite anime refrinses and the storie and plot
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I set a bookmark by the way lol
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