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Vanitas Animegao PDO/PDF

Animegao-- "anime face" --a subdivision of cosplay
where the cosplayer's face is completely covered
even though the character is humanoid. This normally
includes the eyes, but hundreds of casual Internet
users agree that that just looks creepy.

Not that you HAVE to build the face. The chin guard can be built by itself, and the hair and chin guard can be built together, but the hair is covered in back by the guard therefore you can't build the hair by itself. I'll have to make a separate submission for that with Sora's model. :P

I'll change the preview image in a week or so after my Watchers have had a chance to see this----I don't want to assume that everyone has beaten BBS or even seen the DDD trailers yet, and suddenly force a total exposé in front of them.... Accidentally did just that very thing to my bro yesterday. ^^;
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Is it fine for me to use this as a reference for my Vanitas helm? I've been having a hard time sizing the chin guard on my own. (just for my own use ofc not selling or anything)
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Of course! Helping people make stuff is the whole reason why I share these things! ;)
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:O ..... may make this up compare it to mine x3
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Good luck then. Imo, that takes guts. :salute:

Might also make a template for the incomplete X-blade...
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well its going to be my job hopefully, makeing props xD need to get some experience doing the more complex fiddly bits! :3

i think it would be interesting to see how near mine is compared tot he file xD
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Well then good luck all the more. :)
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