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Lost Memory PDO/PDF

:boogie: :star:… :star: :boogie:

EDIT 10.10.12:
Added PDFs and my signature ink-efficient texture edits, as well as increased the scale from 42'' to 44.5'' long. As I've made more keyblade templates, I'm getting a better idea of how big they're really supposed to be. :)

Thank you all who have downloaded this, and my other templates as well. :D You've really encouraged me at a time when I especially needed encouragement. :hug:

EDIT: ADDED A PDO FOR THE KEYCHAIN!!!! I gotta say, I did not expect this to be so popular, otherwise I would have originally submitted both together. As of this moment, 120 downloads since yesterday afternoon??!!!!! WT FLYING FRUITCAKE!!?!??!!! :noes: :squee::squee::squee:

Btw, here is a pic of the one I built: :la:

HERE YOU HAVE IT!! :faint:

I spent hours and hours and hours trying to figure out how to manifold-iffy this 3D model....(my noobishness rears its ugly head!)....only to give up and then spend hours and hours and more hours MANUALLY ALIGNING THE INDIVIDUAL POLYGON FACES ON THE PRINT TEMPLATE! If you zoom in really, really close in Pepakura Viewer, you'll see what I mean.

The 3D preview is glitchy, but the template itself should work fine as long as you *mostly* ignore the Edge ID numbers and the mountain/valley nature of the dotted fold lines; for some reason, half of all the faces were inside out. That's another thing I spent hours trying to learn how to fix....

Anyways, I've wanted this keyblade long time. Me thinks it is the best looking one since Oblivion and Oathkeeper. I dun like the cluttered cartoonish ones, which account for most. I like the elegant, sober ones. Is that how you say...? :P

The length is based on the wooden swords I train with (… ) which are 40 inches / our steel practice swords which are 37-40 inches tip to pommel / bamboo shinai which are 45. I keep seeing keyblades that look too small to be screen-accurate, and I think the reason is that people are making them out of 36-inch wooden dowels. 36 is WAY too short for an anime sword....

....Don't. even. say it.... :evileye:
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Hi! May I say, all of your templates are amazing! I do have a bit of a problem on this own though. Whenever I click the download link in the description, it redirects to this same page. Is this only a problem on my end? Thank you for your time. 
I challenge accepted this keyblade last week (aka downloaded and printed) Today I embarked on the quest. And though there were rough waters (Holy poop Pepkura, Why must you make this inside out?!? and Where the heck do the wings attach?!) Twelve or so hours later (I blame netflix) She is done and beautiful. I shall post it and refer peeps back here. x3 I think I may end up having a keyblade collection in my dorm window sill. Haha.
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the link just redirects me to this page
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I've been looking for a life size keyblade model, faved and downloaded
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this is so cool! Any other keyblades you'll be making? My friend and I are looking for a way to make Destiny's Embrace and Rainfell and these would be the best!
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Thanks. :D

Well, I promised someone I'd make Circle of Life, so that'll be next, as well as more Organization weapons. Fatal crest and Photon Debugger are also on my to-do list. I've thought about just marathoning EVERY keyblade model I have and releasing a super-pack, but that'd be so much work it's scary to think about. ^^;
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awesome! I am excited to see them all!
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Thx a lot for this file =)
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where is the link to dowload this pattern please ? [link]
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In the upper right corner of this page, where it says "Download File" in blue. :)
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where is the link to download this pattern please ? [link]
how do i open the pdo files~
how do i open the pdo file?
<---does not know~
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You need Pepakura Viewer (free) which you can download here: [link]
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So cool! Thanks.
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Thanks! And you're welcome! :)
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You should really invert the faces... thats what your problem was bud, if you invert them it will show everything normal and will make a lot more sense. also remember to either disable editing or lock your PDO's after if you dont want people taking credit for it. :)
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I did invert the faces. only worked for half of them, so I figured if they couldn't all be right side out, at least inside out they would all be the same as each other.

Thanks for the tip, though. I make no pretense about my newness to all things 3D.
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._. wow... looks hard t do, honestly...
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Honestly I don't know yet. Too hot off the press; haven't even printed it, myself. :XD:
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