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Lock, Shock, and Barrel

Made these back in October for my mom.... She knew that this 3D stuff I've been doing was cool, but not quite how cool. So, I reached back into my childhood, grasped her favorite movie, dug the models out of KHII, and showed off a little. :XD:

Not as cool as this guy's life size Jack Skellington, though. :omfg:

That movie sure gives us a good excuse to blend holidays if we're a little late for one. :XD:

PDFs included now!
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Hi! I really wanted to do this but I can’t find any instructions, is there any or is it just there for you to figure out?

I've looked all over this page and there's nothing for me to download. 😓 Am I blind here and missing it..?

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For me, it'll only download as a zip file, and I don't know how those work. Please help!
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Hey! I noticed it only opens in the viewr not in the designer - which I suppose is intended? However I don't see any indication regarding size so I was trying to style it to life/kids-size and I wonder what the dimensions of those masks are. maybe you can help me there?
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Hello! May i get a pdf of this? Thank you so much?
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sorry nevermind! i'm still kinda new! i figured it out :)
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may i have the PDO's please or PDF? thx these are awesome.
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DeviantArt HAS a built-in download button on this page. Depends on your browser where it gets placed; in Firefox it's usually in the column on the right side of the screen. ----------------->
When i open your files with Pepakura the program opens a blank Untitled file, please HELP!!!
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Man, they're awesome! Thanks a lot!!!
Sorry... not seeing where to get download the files. Are they still available??
I'm a dope. Found it at the right. THANKS SO MUCH!
is there a way i can open in designer so i can adjust the sizes to fit my kids
if this is a pdo file I can change the size of it
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you can export as a .obj file and re-open it on the papekura designer. You'll have to make the unfold marks all over again, but its the only way
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dude, these are gorgeous! Thank you so much!
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