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KH Chaos Eater PDO/PDF




Also downloadable from DeviantArt. See right-hand column of this page for link, in bold blue text. ------->

Been tempted to make this for almost a year... Finally gave in, as you can see. :phew:

Out of necessity for an actual name, I've been calling this officially-unnamed staff Chaos Eater because it is a form of Riku's Soul Eater that is seen only in the World of Chaos level of the first game. Unfortunately, that name seems to already be associated with "Darksiders".....but around here it stuck anyway. Muahahaha.

EDIT: Why the dickens do PDFs have to be so big?! there some export setting I'm overlooking? There are six PDFs in this ZIP----two for each preset size: one in full color, and one in ink-efficient black & white.

Things have been way too quiet lately in :iconiamansem: :saddummy:
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I am really looking forward building this :3 I've seen the finished one on another page....

Thanks for sharing these!