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Greatsword+shield of Artorias (untainted) PDO/PDF

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My doggie is slowly starting to feel better, so I actually had a solid chunk of computer time yesterday, the first in what feels like ages, though he's only been sick a week.... So, I kinda snapped from all of the sleepless stress I've been under, and blazed through this particularly massive undertaking overnight. :typerhappy: (While listening to this. :XD:) Like I was trying to say in my last upload, the more close-encounters my 14.5-year-old border-collie has with death, especially those which I'm able to do something to obstruct, the more the story of Artorias resonates with me.:gooddoggie:Which, in turn, keeps me focused on my harebrained Souls projects..... I'm having LOADS of fun with these things, but it's getting pretty hard not to sound obsessed in front of non-gamers.......or even in front of some gamers, like my bro's friend who's mostly a CoD fan. ^^;

Now technical stuff. It's a good thing I put this weapon set off for so long, because I've gotten much better at using Pepakura lately and even just yesterday had a huge breakthrough about merging the multi-layered textures ripped from "Dark Souls" into single-layer textures that can be printed on paper. Notice how crisp those engravings look?!! :squee: Because of that, I'd say this is my best work from the series yet—which is saying something considering this weapon set marks THE TWENTIETH "Dark Souls" papercraft I've uploaded! :excited: I'm gonna go back and update my previous 19 templates with renovated textures, but yeah that's going to take a melting an anvil with a cigarette lighter...grumpy worker - now a PLZ

I'm particularly proud that my new texture-merging process boldly preserves details that even Man At Arms was only able to guess at when they forged their Artorias Greatsword. Comparing their sword and my template here, though, now I can appreciate even more how close they got just using rendered screen-captures as references for freehand work. Mind boggling.... :O_o: But as an unabashed (but polite :meow:) screen-authenticity "purist" detail nazi, perhaps even a general among such, I honestly have to say I'd rather have the sword developed from a 3D model taken right out of Knight Artorias's own virtual hand—no exaggeration. :evillaugh:

HOWEVER, I'd like to take a moment here to randomly endorse this kickass Shapeways 3D-printed replica of Knight Artorias's Wolf Ring. :retarded-drool:

Coming across that Shapeways page got me thinking about plot stuff I haven't heard anybody else point out yet about Artorias. Why was his famous Wolf Ring discovered on a random corpse? Sif retained his covenant ring for centuries---surely for as long as Sif stood watch over his master's grave, no one could have taken either ring. And even Ciaran's Hornet Ring was found on a female corpse presumed to be her own because it was beside Artorias's grave.... And where Gough's Hawk Ring is found also implies plot points.... So I ask again, why was Artorias's Wolf Ring lost to the forest and discovered in the possession of a nobody?! :noes:

This is all conjecture, but pretty much the whole entire story of Dark Souls IS, after all, and I haven't even played either the sequel or the threequel yet, so just ignore me if I'm being an idiot here, but.....

I suspect that the Wolf Ring was stolen from Artorias..........prior to his decent into the an expert in stealth. Only an expert in stealth IMO (or, of course, one individual "Chosen" by Fate to obliterate all other legends) could have stood a chance against Artorias, given his reputation as a swordsman. But, why was it stolen? I suspect this was no petty theft; the answer, I believe, lies in the Wolf Ring's ability, which is to increase its wearer's Poise by a hefty 40pts. This keeps a shield-bearing warrior from staggering under especially heavy blows—a useful defensive tactic.

Backtrack a little. If Gwyn had four knights and the Abyss was such a great threat which was tearing apart the very timespace fabric of Lordran, why then did Artorias and his wolf Sif penetrate the Abyss alone? One other fan-theory I've heard suggests that Dragonslayer Ornstein had inescapable responsibilities in Anor Londo keeping Gwyn's favorite dragon, Duke Seath, in-check; that would certainly be a valid excuse. But as for Ciaran and Gough, seems to me that Artorias was simply braver than they were. And as it so happens, as a famed assassin, one of those remaining two must have been an expert in stealth!

Going back to my theory that Gwyn's Four Knights (Artorias, Ornstein, Gough, and Ciaran) all had Silver Knights under their tutelage and command in Lordran's heyday, I don't think, if Ciaran was responsible, that she stole Artorias's ring herself. Rather, that the body it was discovered on in the Darkroot Garden was that of a student of hers. Such a student may even have been unaware of Ciaran's purpose for stealing the ring, tasked to do so by his commander as a mere test of the abilities she had taught him.

I think Ciaran, having "feelings for Artorias", had heard that he, having an "unbendable will of steel" (which is just a flattering way of saying he was stubborn and maybe even bullheaded) according to the Wolf Ring's item description, had made up his mind to fight the Abyss; and Ciaran, being afraid of loosing him but too cowardly to assist in his fight, had conspired to dissuade Artorias from going by weakening his ability to defend himself. That is, arranging to have his defensive ring stolen, to force him to come to his senses and stay out of harm's way.

Of course, though, having "an unbendable will of steel", Artorias went anyway, without it! Ciaran's ploy was in vain, and in the end had robbed Artorias of the very thing that probably would have saved his life. When The Chosen Undead fights him in his corrupted state, his shield-arm is broken, likely as a result of resisting a relentless barrage of heavy attacks----the very sort of barrage which the Wolf Ring was designed to help withstand. Had Artorias the Wolf Ring in his possession when he and Sif were in the Abyss, it is possible, I suspect, that his shield-arm would NOT have broken, and that he and Sif would have instead prevailed against the Abyss, to return home safely.

Knight Ciaran may never have learned of his broken arm, and therefore that Artorias's loss of the Wolf Ring was SPECIFICALLY to blame for his downfall, but it would still be obvious to her that she had played a part in it. Maybe she wasn't just mourning over his grave out of love when the Chosen Undead encounters her---maybe she was, more importantly, mourning out of guilt. If in fact she did commit suicide there, as the discovery of a female corpse possessing her Hornet Ring suggests, that would certainly seem a stronger reason; she'd be wondering what right did she have to still be alive when someone so much better---braver, more compassionate, more selfless---than she was had paid the ultimate price because of her. (And, yeah, she was probably still just being selfish, and wanted to be with him again at any cost....)

As for Ciaran's supposed student who actually did the stealing, it's very likely that he merely got clobbered by one of the Stone Giants near where his corpse was found; being a stealth-type, it's not likely that he could have defended himself very well (his teacher didn't even know how to parry!) in the event he ever got caught, cornered, and had to fight his enemy face-to-face.

EDIT 06.08.16: Come to think of it, I forgot two additional points: the curse, and the Silver Pendant.

Knight Hawkeye Gough says, "The Abyss weakened Artorias." The Dark Souls Wiki interprets this to be referring to Artorias's broken arm—however, unless Gogh had ever confronted Artorias after he was corrupted and driven insane by the Abyss, and furthermore Gough being blind, unable to see Artorias without physically clashing with him, how the heck would Gough know what condition Artorias's arm was in? Hearsay? No, I think Gough was instead referring to the curse that the Abyss placed on Artorias's greatsword, which enabled it to slash ghosts but statistically reduced its attack power. The Abyss probably imposed the later as a safegard against exactly what Artorias intended to do—destroy it from the inside.

Had Artorias made his covenant with the Abyss after losing his Wolf Ring, or before? It probably doesn't matter (continued below), but I think he confided in someone, probably Gough, that he was starting to get nervous after losing both defence AND attack capability; and I think that whoever Artorias confided in came up with the idea of giving Artorias Oolaciele's treasured Silver Pendant, to attempt to restore some of Artorias's power—and confidence. :saddestthingintheworld After all, Oolaciele was desperate to be saved, and Artorias was their only hope; in direct opposition to Ciaran, they couldn't afford to let him change his mind.

EDIT 06.29.16: Actually, it occurs to me now----if Artorias had made his covenant with the Abyss first, thus attaining his special Covenant Ring, then logically if Ciaran had wanted to stop him from traversing the Abyss at all, she or the one acting on her orders would have stolen the Covenant Ring instead. So, therefore, I think Artorias made his covenant with the Abyss AFTER his Wolf Ring was stolen. Because at the time it was stolen, the Wolf Ring may have been the only one he had. (The Chosen Undead is a truly prolific scavenger, lets face it; as valuable and rare as rings are to us Players, they were probably much, much more so to the 'other' characters, limited to high-level knights and whatnot.)

As a final note about this papercraft-----with this set, I have now created templates of all five of Artorias's weapons: three swords and two shields. As a completionist as well as self-proclaimed polite purist detail-nazi, though, maybe after I get a little ways into playing DS2, I'll try ripping the 3D-model of the one final variation, buried somewhere in the abyss of technobabble gamefiles----the Majestic Greatsword. Meow Evil

Artorias's suit of armor first, though. And some Havel stuff for my bro.... :plotting:
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I just wanted to drop a comment to thank you for your awesome design! It's going to be one HELL of a Valentine's Day gift for my Hubby. Dark Souls has been our favorite game series since day 1 of our relationship! We're 5 years married and going strong! 

PS: You totally helped me win our "who can out gift who" competition this year, hands down. 
Ahhhh! Artorias Armor :3 Sad thing is that I needed it in the 31st. 
But fret not, Ill still do it Ahhahah! Thanks for all of your pepakuras. That saved me on all of my Cos-problems. 
EuTytoAlba's avatar
Sorry about that. Been wrapped up in still trying to create a set of 8000p textures for my upcoming Berserk~Dragonslayer papercraft. Also have it rough getting anything done on Artorias stuff especially----since my border-collie (my inspiration for everything related to him) died recently, and under seriously shady circumstances. :sad: I'll still finish it, guaranteed, even if for no other reason as a testament to my Indiana; it's just taking me longer.

I'm glad you've found my papercrafts useful. :D
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Can you make young xehanort keyblade
Bryan1018's avatar
So can you do it
EuTytoAlba's avatar
Also, new personal policy, and a way to motivate me / help me out.... Since the weapons I 3D model from scratch myself are more detailed than any that I rip from games-----commissioning me to model a replica of something then make a papercraft out of it (like I did with Starlight Keyblade and Zar'roc of Morzan the Betrayer; Riven's Runic Blade was lazy rush work :bleh:) is now also an option I want to tell people about. Such commissions would work by just me taking an interest in the project, and then people buying the download after I finish it instead of getting it for free. And, yes, Young Norty's Keyblade was one I've considered doing for a long time. :)
EuTytoAlba's avatar
I haven't ripped any models from Dream Drop Distance yet. Depends how easy it'll be to find a 3D model of it.
And well, real life is torturing me right now.... Need a hiatus to grieve.....
Bryan1018's avatar
I have a model of the keyblade but is attach to young xehanort's model and I got xehanort keyblade model
EuTytoAlba's avatar
Show me what you got, I guess.
Bryan1018's avatar
i uploaded them in my gallery you can see it there
EuTytoAlba's avatar
That'll work. But the keyblade is super low-res (it doesn't even have its keychain :() and so will have lots of large flat pieces, like my Lost Memory papercraft did. Its small texture image is therefore also blurry...
Bryan1018's avatar
SO can you do it ?
EuTytoAlba's avatar
Started on it. But
Please don't rush me.....

(I'm burrying my dog in the morning.)
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I am very excited to get to this shield, my cursed Artorias shield will need a companion after all.
Syon8225's avatar
Thanks for the pet, do I have to feed it?
dakenso's avatar
That's really big. The sword should be around 2m long?
EuTytoAlba's avatar
Yep, 1941mm. (Pepakura does everything in mm. :confused:)
This explains how I calculated the real life scale:
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Hey mate, you seem like the right person to ask:

Do you fight Artorias in dlc or in the game itself? I just opened the darkroot garden door after buying his crest and was wondering if I am gonna fight him or I'll have to buy dlc for that. If he is as awesome as they say I will add him to my Dark Souls cosplay list for sure!
EuTytoAlba's avatar
He is heavily referenced throughout the entire base game, and you do get to visit his grave and fight his wolf companion as a mandatory boss, but to actually fight Artorias himself you have to buy the DLC or the PC-only "Prepare To Die" edition of the game which includes all DLCs. In the base game, you can even acquire three of his weapons (after you reach Anor Londo, provided you do not consume or sell the Soul of Sif!) including the sword & shield above and a blackened "(cursed)" variation of the sword, but only one of these weapons of your choice per playthrough. In the DLC, though, you can also acquire additional, Abyss-coroded versions of the sword and shield...

I played on XBOX and can't afford DLC stuff, so I haven't even fought him yet. My bro gave me a copy of his PC version of the game from which I extract all of my Dark Souls 3D models, but that my computer can't actually run. :frown:

As a basis of comparing awesomeness, it's well known that the developers of "Dark Souls" heavily based Artorias on the character Guts from "Berserk".

BTW, if you do decide to do an Artorias cosplay.... I'm presently working on ripped-model Pepakura templates of his armor. ;)
Venegal's avatar
You are too kind, I will make sure to check out your gallery if I decide to do him, others in mind are Ciaran because of that gorgeous mask and the Dragonslayer for that badass golden armor. These 4 knights, such a sad story for all of them.
EuTytoAlba's avatar
Thanks. :meow:

Ciaran's Tracers | Dragonslayer Spear  :XD:
*I'm going to update the texture file of the Spear soon, though, so hold off a week or so if you desire to download it.
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