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Deus Ex HR Glasses Papercraft Build

EDIT: :star: Click to download sunglasses template from MediaFire :star:

Me and my elaborate projects........ Bro got me hooked on the Deus Ex series, asked for Jensen's arms, and since I want to get into papercrafting false prosthetics anyway, I agreed. :ohmygod: I'm gonna try to split the work with him, though. Bro pictured above. Another crazy thing he's convinced me of, rather by accident, is that the next Deus Ex guy, if ever there is one, should have a ponytail.

In the meantime, enjoy these wicked sunglasses. :iconadamjensenplz:

Materials Used:
:bulletblack: regular printer paper
:bulletblack: white glue
:bulletblack: clear nail polish (didn't feel like bothering with fiberglass resin)
:bulletblack: matte black spray paint
:bulletblack: gloss black acrylic paint mixed with metallic gold acrylic paint
:bulletblack: matte gray acrylic paint
:bulletblack: masking tape to keep them on!

It's true, ya can't see a darned thing through them. :XD:

Bust since when has the practical nature of a thing ever stood in the way of it still being awesome? :D
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Mega thanks for this. I plan on using this for a cosplay in November (actually working on the specs now), will definitely give you credit!
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Cool papercraft, great game! :thumbsup: 8-)
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Duuuuude if you did a pep of the arms or vest that'd be epic
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This looks awesome XD also it says click for template, theirs no download tho that right?
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DeviantArt wouldn't let me replace a .jpg with a .zip, so I put it on MediaFire for now: [link]
EuTytoAlba's avatar
Thanks. :) Yeah it's just a .jpg for now, but no reason you couldn't still print that. Awe heck, I'll go attach a 1 page PDF. :XD:
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AWESOME thank u :D
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Let me guess, he never asked for those (?)
EuTytoAlba's avatar
The arms, yes. The sunglasses, no.
Nonetheless I should have told him he was doing it wrong. :XD:
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