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October 23, 2021
Sittin' Trippin' by Eutierric
Suggested by LindArtz
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Sometimes I really get trippin' on shit

I let things really bother me

Until, I remember

that we're all going to die

together, everything

at every point ever in existence

is simultaneously experiencing entropy

This incredibly humbling thought grounds me

in my intrinsically beautiful insignificance

and once again

I resonate wholly

striving to learn, teach, help, play, and be grateful

let's make life interesting and memorable for one another

through kindness and love

we're all falling apart

together, at wildly independent speeds

as we dance on the sands of the same time

a corporeal tornado temporarily aspin

upon our little bits of perceived beach

till the tide changes

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Oh, why does it take so long for us to learn this truth?

And worse, why is it that so many never do?

"I resonate wholly

striving to learn, teach, help, play, and be grateful":

- Don't ever stop.

- May we someday reach the tipping point of success.

I heartily second this DD award! :) pip

Eutierric's avatar

Fear closes minds, hurt closes hearts and some people give up on themselves.

- Thank you for the encouragement, I aim to be relentless, but we all waiver at times.

- I strive to play my part moving us beyond this planetary precipice.

Thanks for the kind words and congrats!! :peace: :D :heart: Be well

Malintra-Shadowmoon's avatar

Congratulations on your well-deserved DD. :)

Eutierric's avatar

I have never been awarded a DD, thank you very kindly. I am still in the process of figuring out what this means, and who awarded it. If it was you, thank you oooodles. :peace::D

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It was indeed, @Malintra-Shadowmoon who featured you, ( and I suggested your work)

Hey, in the future, you can always tell who featured, and/or suggested a piece by hovering your mouse cursor over the green ribbon which every DD is awarded, and a pop up will appear giving you the information. :)

Congrats again!!! :heart: ( and I enjoyed reading your comment where you told another member you wrote this whilst sitting on the beach. Very nice, that! :) )

Eutierric's avatar

Thanks again for the congrats and the very helpful pro-tip!! :peace:

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A beautiful whirlwind of thoughts, written in such a cool, conversational tone, and imparting profound wisdom..this is so wonderful. Thanks for sharing it & congrats on getting a DD : )

Eutierric's avatar

Thanks very much for the feedback and kind words!! :peace: Be well

OptimisticJerk's avatar

Thanks, E —It is so beautiful. I’ve reread it a few times already & read it to someone gives you a feeling of walking along a beach as you read it.

Eutierric's avatar

How wonderful!

I am chuffed to hear you have returned to the piece, let alone shared it with someone.


I wrote it while sitting on the beach! :heart:

OptimisticJerk's avatar

That is so beautiful!! It really comes through in the writing.

LindArtz's avatar

Yes!!! I'm so Happy for you this fantastic piece was chosen to feature!!! :thumbsup: :D

Congrats on your much Deserved, DD!!! :clap:

For My Personal Use Only
Eutierric's avatar

thanks very much!! what a wonderful surprise!!

Thanks for all your support :peace: Be well

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So true I'm sitting here grinning at the free-style face-up to facts = "we're all falling apart/together" and other straight shooting. ...Thanks for the head's up :DCongratulations on your DD!

Eutierric's avatar

right on! makes me grin to hear it resonated with you :)

Thanks for the congrats and feedback :peace: Be well

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Nicely done!!! :thumbsup::)

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Eutierric's avatar

thanks very much!! :peace:

Eutierric's avatar

Hi thanks for the comment and compliment! I'm chuffed to hear we're resonating on a similar frequency in terms of my writing. That being said, please do not hyperlink me with spam again or I will delete + block you. :peace: Cheers.

19SpaceCowboy91's avatar

if the time was sand on the beach, then I wonder what must be the ocean? The Universe? Eternity? God?... I wonder...

Eutierric's avatar

Great question! The universe, or existence collectively, I suppose, as sand is underneath and within the ocean.

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