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death in first person by Eutierric, literature

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death in first person by Eutierric, literature

vernacular by Eutierric, literature

cyclonic thoughts by Eutierric, literature

+Pandemic Ponderings+ by Eutierric, literature

pretty petty by Eutierric, literature

a dream I had once by Eutierric, literature

Ke Akua by Eutierric, literature

Egolick by Eutierric, literature

Belief = Creation by Eutierric, literature

Sittin' Trippin' by Eutierric, literature

you are here

window into a evening of the past by Eutierric, visual art

Theme of September: Monochromatic by lulu-illussions, journal

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Deviation Spotlight

I leave you with this message by Eutierric, visual art

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Victory of Art Hello fellow human

I'm seeking equilibrium while experiencing extremes.

So it goes.


No gods, no masters, open mind, open heart.

Connected to the Human Collective + Piloting my own Universe

WE 'RE MADE OF STARS > We're in this together. Be kind. Do better.

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