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Mayuchiae and Eusong's Art Feature

Mayuchiae and Eusong's Art Feature

Han Mei (MayuchiAE ( is an artist that focuses primarily on figure portraits. I like how detailed they are and how she uses a wide range of poses at her disposal. Here's some artwork of hers that you can take a look at. :D :thumb748158276: :thumb797728674: :thumb817295537: :thumb746410063: :thumb749005156: Eusong ( is a big fan of Don't Starve and is working on a game of her own. Her art covers a variety of tastes- cute, creepy, and sometimes both! These are some of my favorite pieces of hers. :thumb753286181: :thumb496050461: :thumb790961216: :thumb786823753: :thumb739288067: Thank you both for joining the art contest! Keep doin' what you'r

Fleshport Art Contest #3 [$50+ in prizes!]

Fleshport Art Contest #3 [$50+ in prizes!]

ART CONTEST #3 Contest Begins: 10/01/2019 Submission Deadline: 11/01/2019 @ 12:00AM Winners TBA: 11/04/2019 THIS CONTEST HAS CLOSED! Hello, everybody! Halloween is coming up, and so is the 2 year anniversary of when I announced Fleshport. (Here's the video where it happened!) I thought that this would be the perfect time to host another contest. My game is still undergoing beta testing and needs a few more necessary updates. Game development always takes a lot longer than anticipated.   Thankfully, I have a new video to share with you all! Theme Draw a picture featuring a character from Fleshport and make it as scary as you can! Rem

My Problems with Taking Criticism


My Problems with Taking Criticism

People say that I have trouble taking criticism. And enough people do that it definitely makes the argument at least worth looking into. So, what do I think? Do I personally think that I have trouble taking criticism? It's not a simple answer. You want a simple answer, it's both yes and no. I frequently think (not just say, actually think) that some of my critics are trolls. And I'm dismissive to a lot who don't come across as trolls. The thing is... these people are strangers, over the internet. People who I know, and trust, like the people who work on Growing Around with me, I can easily take criticism from them—but that doesn't alway

Asperger's Syndrome

Asperger's Syndrome

A lot of people have been asking me about Asperger's syndrome and some of my experiences with it and some of the conditions. This is largely because, on the internet at least, I seem to be good at hiding it. Most people I meet here don't know that I have Asperger's syndrome unless I directly tell them. I do have it, but what exactly does it mean? First off all, please don't use this as a way to diagnose yourself. If you think that you have Asperger's syndrome, depression, or any other mental condition please see a licensed psychiatrist. You cannot self-diagnose mental conditions. (Hmmm... I kind of have that symptom sometimes, I MUST have thi

Happy Birthday Eusong!

I'm your Biggest fan



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I'm willing to do art trades and commissions.

Name: Some words that aren't in the dictionary
Sex: Female
Age: 19
Religious beliefs: Christian
Relationship status: Engaged to a wonderful man named Fidooop
Favorite quote: "Most people are quite dense. They...prefer to do their killing with looks and words behind one another's backs...Here we all do our killing with guns and axes and knives. It's more bloody than what most people are accustomed to, yes, but it's far less brutal."

I'm member of:


#GetWatchers help artists to share their creativity, increase their audience and get more feedback by getting more exposure and pageviews. If you want more exposure of your arts, constructive critics, watchers and/or if you would like to discover new talented artists, come join us :pointr: Here :pointl:.

"There's a huge difference between being fun and being immature. Anyone who says otherwise is immature."
Ok, so, I just want to announce that I'm not dead! Yay! In fact, the reason I've disappeared for so long is because I had a wedding! And it was busy! Anyway, I fully intend to finish the contest entries and art trades that I had to suddenly pause due...

Art Raffle Winners!

Art Raffle Winners!

Alright, so we had 17 entries. ~silverpeltwolf ( 1-6 :iconK0MORI: 7-12 :iconAnniquake: 13 :iconKajunFriesArt: 14-17 And now we begin, starting with 1st place. The first place winner is... :iconKajunFriesArt: ! KajunFriesArt (   Congratulations! You have won one full body, fully shaded image of one character. Your choice of style and content. Please send me a note at your earliest convenience so I can get working on it. Alright, time for 2nd place. As of now there are 13 entries. :iconsilverpeltwolf: 1-6 :iconK0MORI: 7-12 :iconAnniquake: 13 The second place winner is... :iconK0MORI: ! K0MORI (   Congratulations! You have won

Art Raffle! CLOSED

Art Raffle! CLOSED

Alright, so, I need to get more active with my art, so I've decided to hold an art raffle. There will be 3 prizes for the 3 winners of the raffle. The raffle will conclude when at least 10 people enter, or the 27th of April, whichever happens later. If less than 10 people are entered by the time May 10th rolls around, the raffle will be concluded then. The winner will be chosen with 1st place: One full body, fully shaded image of one character. Your choice of style and content. 2nd place: One full body, fully shaded image of one character. I choose the style based on the character's complexity, you choose the content. 3rd place:

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY EUSONG!!! Minecraft cake (Pixel art) 
EusongHobbyist General Artist
Thank you ^-^
DashingTonyDrakeHobbyist General Artist
Hey darling, thank you very very much for faving my work!

I'm glad you liked it!

New stuff coming soon, stay tuned!!

Final Fantasy job change 

3wylHobbyist General Artist
Hello! :wave:

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LainyLuHobbyist Digital Artist
Bunny Emoji-88 (Hello) [V5] Starry Fav Thanks I really appreciate it~kaomoji set 1 9/19 
EusongHobbyist General Artist
No problem!
CerlinnaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you so very much for the fav!!! I really appreciate it! :D :D