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My Bio
I am only an hobbyist. I made thousands of 3D pics for years for my only pleasure. Nobody else saw them. Then, one recent day, I decided to share my dreams and my little stories, and to feed my site of Deviant Art. I posted my first deviation on this site on February 21th, 2015.

The general topic is about feats of strength and courage of muscular women, my own 3D heroines. The purpose of this site is an invitation to dream and imagination.
This site can be seen as a tribute to female strength and courage, sometimes with a little fun. In real life, some woman have carried one half-ton on shoulders, have retained four horses with their arms, have lifted a little elephant or 18 men on a platform, have supported 14 people or more on shoulders, have carried a buffle on back, have pulled truck of 30 000 lb, locomotive of 175 tons or big planes, have wrestle tamed bears… Many female real feats will be reminded and illustrated by my heroines. But because my heroines are a little stronger and muscled, they can realize even more extraordinary exploits and have very numerous and varied adventures… Nevertheless, my heroines are not extraterrestrial, mutants or “wonder” women. They are very muscular, in accordance with their acts, but they are not misshapen. They are only a bit too muscular. Their muscles may be as those of biggest bodybuilders, but they remain feminine, realistic and attractive.

The series of pics tell feats and moments of life of my heroines. The folders are as books and the subfolders as chapters. The folders invite you to imagine your own stories and legends for Sandy, Marja, Sanya, Karen, Brenda, Maeva... Stories in which you can also be actors... Everyone can imagine the context and reasons for which the heroin is found in such situation, should respond to such challenge or undergo such pains... Pics want to open the door to the free imagination of everyone...

The complete series are often very long (from 50 to 150 pics): I can’t post all the pics on the site. So I select the more representative to be free viewable in the folders and I put the entire series in PDF. The pics of the PDF are of higher resolution than the pics viewable: the PDF allow me to compress files. The viewable pics represent about 15% of the total pics of a PDF, sometimes 20%. The modest price (100 or 200 DA points) corresponds to gratitude of the work…

Every heroin has her personality. She corresponds to a basic character but she can also be in another role or figure:
- Sandy, pretty and muscular wrestler who fights against men in mixed hardcore battles but who also knows multiple adventures. She will have also roles of workwoman and forewoman, of commando of special forces, cowgirl, special agent or explorer, warrior...
- Marja, extraordinary woman bear wrestler but also amazing and prodigious strongwoman. She will also be a forester woman of herculean force, or a fantastic captive gladiatrix...
- Sanya, amazon very muscular, sherpa and bodyguard in wild and hostile lands, warrior and protector. She confronts tremendous challenges and ordeals. She will also be strongwoman, gladiatrix...
- Karen, a very sporty and muscular owner of a weights room, who is interested by strength challenges and by extreme and extravagant crossfit…

Sandy, Marja, Sanya are a bit too muscular, strong, courageous heroines, but are are women who live, laugh, suffer, complain, cry... We could meet them at our door, be in their arms, or take them in our arms... Over the days and sequences of pics, they will become familiar characters, between realism and dream...
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I can't no more remove or download deviations from "watch déviations" or group "watch groups deviations" since two days… Does anyone else have that problem?
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Happy birthday to one of my favorite artists!!
eurystheeHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much.
Best regards.
1 Message from Hungary. Happy Birthday :-).
eurystheeHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much! Friendly
eurystheeHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much
Joyeux Anniversaire to you Tomorrow Big E my friend and stay safe and strong out there