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Nyctosaurus, the antler-headed pelagic pterosaur with competely ridiculous limbs. The forelimbs of Nyctosaurus actually lacked hands and resembled walking sticks rather than limbs. And the legs were tiny. The animal probably spent most of it's life on the wing.

I was sketching Nyctosaurus and had difficulty getting the legs to reach the ground in any sensible pose. The smarter half then suggested they don't necessarily need to. Perhaps the animal could lift itself up on the stilt-like forelimbs to have a look around. 

So here's a female Nyctosaurus preparing to lay her eggs, but before doing so, she checks that there are no potential nest robbers around. She's probably on a small oceanic island, safe from the fearsome terrestrial predators of Late Cretaceous.

Black markers and Photoshop.
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wow i like this....reminds me how birds sometimes stand using only 1 leg but here its different due to how pterosaurs are made in bodyplan

cool idea!