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Spiny and Angry

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Basal ornithischians were generally small, often covered in spiny dinofuzz, and not at all happy about it.

Archaeoceratops, Heterodontosaurus and Hypsilophodon, all covered in a mix of scales and quill-like dinofuzz based on preserved evidence in Kulindadromeus, Tianyulong and Psittacosaurus. Being small herbivores and/or omnivores in the Mesozoic, these animals probably needed both the porcupine-quills and a nasty attitude to survive.
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9WeegeeHobbyist General Artist
Why would there be scales in between the feathers? From what ive found, there is really no evidence of scales being in between the feathers
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EurwentalaProfessional General Artist
What do you mean scales between feathers?  I don't think I depicted any here, but even if I had...

Sure, I have read the claim that they might not have grown on top of each other due to developmental constraints. However, that's based on genetic study on animals that are hundreds of millions of years separated from ornithischian dinosaurs and don't actually have both feathers and scales anymore (birds) or possibly never did (crocodylians). Evolution happens. Living birds, for example, often have feathers sprouting from between the scale-like structures in their legs, though technically they are not scales, but derived feathers. We are basically using bird genetics to make claims about dinosaur appearance that can't even predict what the actual living ones look like. I'd take that with a big grain of salt.

Another thing is that Kulindradromeus actually has what seems to be feathers growing literally from the middle of a scale! It's unclear what the developmental story behind that is (are they actually feathers, scales, or neither), but the fossil quite clearly shows somewhat rectangular "scales", each sprouting a bunch of hair-like "feathers" from the middle. If that didn't look like scales between feathers, I don't know what does. You can see the photos on the paper here:…

Even without either of these lines of argument, nothing prevents feathers and scales from growing in close proximity, but not between each other. Feathers, being rather long, would grow to partially cover the scales next to them, creating what looks like scales partially obscured by feathers and creating a smooth gradient, as you can see on the neck of my Heterodontosaurus here.
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9WeegeeHobbyist General Artist
Well said. Your comment needs to be recognized
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EurwentalaProfessional General Artist
Thanks! Maybe I'll write a blog post on this some day. I just need to reread all the relevant literature, which is no small task. :D
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VG5006Student Digital Artist
Somone call the exorcist!!
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DinoMarioZillaHobbyist General Artist
Good job! I totally picture these guys as the baboons and mandrills of the Mesozoic, heh heh heh
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tascaloHobbyist Photographer
Very nice, Maija
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This is why I love small ornithischians. Those palpebral bones are just the best things ever.
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This concept is genius !
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TheBattyCrowHobbyist General Artist
Ahh, the small ornithiscians have always been fun favorites! And it's interesting to speculate what they might have looked like. I know Heterodontosaurus has always had people scratching their heads :)
Here, they all look rather ticked off :)
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olofmoleman Digital Artist
Very nice.
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vasixHobbyist Digital Artist
Awww, those angry little faces just make them look cuter 
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Awesome work!
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ViergachtProfessional General Artist
Hahah, cute!
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Running or burrowing works too!
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TheAsianGuyLOLHobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing job!
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TarturusHobbyist Digital Artist
Best not to mess with these guys.
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CultistCarlStudent Traditional Artist
I liek this alot man!!! omg so nice!
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HyrotrioskjanProfessional General Artist
Interesting idea about their attitude =D 
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AGmantheAGHobbyist Artist
This is great!
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This is amazing! As TrilobiteCannibal has said, I love the Archaeoceratops!
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TheDubstepAddictHobbyist Traditional Artist
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HUBLERDONHobbyist General Artist
The quills look EPIC!
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TrilobiteCannibalHobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome, I love the archaeoceratops
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