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A lot of text in this one, but I could not resist narrating it. It's a story about how humanity transformed a large predator into a doll in a few thousand years. Most of the changes actually happened just during the 20th century.

Many dog breeds have serious health problems that are caused not only by inbreeding but also because with such a distorted anatomy, it's simply impossible to produce a healthy animal. I think we have no right to cause such pain just for our own aesthetic pleasure, however lovely pets they might make.

I produced a series of these dog breed skulls for an article I wrote about the genetics of dog and fox domestication.

Update: the article is now translated and posted online. It can be found here: [link]
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The shorter and shorter muzzle annoys me.

I grew up with 'throwback' pomeranians. 10lbs+ with a very fox appearance. Pretty healthy dogs, especially compared to the tiny dogs that meet standards.

I've noticed shorter and shorter muzzles on poms now. Some shorter than my mom's byb shih tzu.

People don't hate on those people breeding short muzzle poms, but will rip apart people breeding healthy 'throwback' pomeranians. It makes no sense.