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Naked Anchiornis

So I heard some people like their theropods without feathers...

Just kidding. But after the new paper on soft tissue anatomy of Anchiornis huxleyi (…) I wanted to reconstruct the poor beast naked, a bit like the chickens and other living dinosaurs in Katrina van Grouw's beautiful book The Unfeathered Bird.

According to the paper (which is open access by the way), Anchiornis had patagia-bearing arms, drumstick-shaped legs and a slender tail. While it had feathers all the way down to its' toes, the toes and ankles also preserve scales - as do the fingers. The critter probably had scales underneath / in between feathers similarly to some modern birds, such as ptarmigans and some owls.
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Yup yup

Adorable 😀
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Well, now I have at same time a fit of laughter and an urge to knit a sweater and warm socks for the poor thing. But the feather haters can be happy now.... 
Good job, it made my day!
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The "tubes" on the tail where the large feathers go make me uncomfortable for some reason
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This makes me so happy
TheBattyCrow's avatar
I kinda want to put a sweater on him XD
He reminds me of those poor cats or dogs
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Better with the feathers. I love the pretty black and white pattern!!!
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Roast that fucker up with a marinade and base, haha.
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A prime example of why dinosaurs need feathers! If anyone argues I will personally summon a demon mugger to hunt you down.
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Put a sweater on her!
This is how JP theropods would look in reality
Eurwentala's avatar
Pretty much, yes. Now that would be a movie. Raptors taking revenge on the people who plucked them.
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Awesome, but shouldn't the snout, feet and fingers be grey?
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They are usually depicted grey, but if there's some actual evidence about that (melanosomes in scales?) I haven't heard about that. Quite a few birds have exposed skin and scales that are, say, pink, blue, or greyish green. I modeled this after a picture of a lovebird suffering from Psittacine beak and feather disease. It was pretty much pink all over.
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How i'd like to imagine the casting process for Jurassic Park went... 

Lol, amazing detail on the skin for this one!
Eurwentala's avatar
Yeah, dinosaurs today have to fit to such unrealistic beauty standards they need to pluck themselves to be cast as actors.
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poor thing got plucked in the name of science! XD
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Amazing work!
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