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It's actually not that uncommon for modern animals to try and eat so oversized prey they will suffocate or get so bad internal injuries they die. For example, herons have been reported to die after trying to swallow large lampreys, snakes and carps (for a small review and more links, see this Tetrapod Zoology blog post:… ).

If modern animals are regularly that stupid, why not extinct ones? In the book Pterosaurs, Mark Witton suggests Thalassodromeus, despite the name, might have been a competent terrestrial stalker, robust enough to attack fairly big prey for its size. So here's an overly enthusiastic Thalassodromeus immediately regretting catching a large Mirischia, a fluffy compsognathid that sure kicks and bites. I wonder if he'll manage to either swallow the critter or spit it out.
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Wasn’t Mirischia too big to swallow? Or was it just the right size if not the limit of what Thalassmo can eat whole?