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Gymnosperm Fruit

Inspired by my recent blog post on the probably colourful false-fruit of Mesozoic plants, I illustrated some of their modern relatives. I haven't drawn anything in a while, and it's been even longer since I did traditional colouring, so this was quite therapeutic.

So, from top to bottom: Gnetum urens, a vine-like gnetale. Cephalotaxus harringtonia, the Japanese plum-yew, a false-fruit-bearing conifer. A female cone of a cycad Encephalartos. The reference picture was labeled E. woodii, but it's not possible, as there is only one clone left of the species, and it's male. This is possibly a cross between E.woodii and some closely related species.

A link to the blog post discussing animal dispersal and fruit-like parts in non-flowering plants:…

Black marker, Copics and Flexmarkers, coloured pencils and white gouache on sketchbook page.
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Are there any gymnosperms that produce friut edible to humans?