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This is the recently described Triassic marine reptile from Luoping, China. As the greatest understatement of modern paleontology, it was named Atopodentatus, or "untypical teeth".

Yes, it has a split upper jaw with extra teeth sticking between the halves. Seriously. And it's a filter-feeding marine reptile with hundreds of needle-like teeth and (for a reason it surely knows best itself) hoofed limbs. It seems like everyone and their mother tried being a marine reptile in the Triassic, and not everyone was content to just evolve some flippers and catch fish.

Pristichamphus beat me to it…, but this is the second Atopodentatus reconstruction on DeviantArt.

ATTENTION! It turns out the initial specimen of Atopodentatus was badly crushed and gave a wrong impression of it's anatomy. The current life reconstruction, while almost as weird, is very different:…
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The actual shape of the head is just as weird in my opinion