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A slightly more serious take on the anurognathids-as-potoos idea. Anurognathus ammoni, the tiny Jurassic tree monster, momentarily perching on a branch and giving you a curious look before flying off to catch another mayfly.

Anurognathids had a wide, frog-like mouth, very big eyes for their size and peculiar tufts of pycnofibers (that is, the pterosaur version of feathers) on the trailing edges of their wings. They might have worked like the serrations on owl wing feathers that enable them to fly soundlessly.

I gave this Anurognathus a lichen-toned coloration for camouflaging on tree branches. I suppose it wraps its wings around itself and closes its eyes to slits when sensing danger. Perhaps suddenly opening those huge, bright yellow eyes would also work as an intimidating gesture for predators, much like the eyespots of many butterflies.

Drawn on MyPaint and colored in Photoshop. I really like my new Wacom tablet.

Edit. The lovely young man known as Dinomaniac made a beautiful derived painting of my Anurognathus. Look:…</i></i>
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I love those really weird yet cute prehistoric animals that look like there from a science fiction movie