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Anurognathids seem to have been really weird, even in pterosaur standards. They had a round, frog-like head with sharp teeth and huge eyes. Their heads seem to have been covered in pterofuzz all the way to the snout, and had some longer, whisker-like fibers.
Even weirder, the edges of their wing membranes were hairy, similar to the combs found in owl wing feathers ([link]). This is the mechanism that lets owls fly silently. Anurognathids seem to have had a silent flight too.

This critter was drawn as a small sketch without references. Sorry for the anatomical inaccuracy.
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Almost like a cat.
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"The Jeholopterus. This weird flying dinosaur had a large head and unusually large teeth. Some scientists think its' bite could break a horse's skin, leading many scientists think that it sucked blood like a vampire bat."

- (A very bad paraphrasing of) the first sentence I heard about anurognathids. This was also one of the first pictures of an anurognathid I have seen on the Internet.
Eurwentala's avatar
Haha, "many scientists" meaning exactly one, and a wacky one at that. But yeah, this very picture was once published (without permission, compensation or even crediting me) alongside an article that claimed anurognathids were vampires. They also deleted my comment pointing this out and ignored my contacts. I can tell you that was annoying.
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Well, that's the how the internet is. I don't mind sharing my art without permission, but it's annoying when someone is making money out of it.
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Again, I have to say, that is terrible!
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And thanks to those art thieves, this picture is now of the the first results on Google when you search "jeholopterus"
Eurwentala's avatar
Weird! Too bad it doesn't have my name on it. Oh well. :)
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Looks quite good!
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What an interesting little creature!
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It's adorable.
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I´ m sorry , my English is not to good , I mean the picture is fantastic , thank you for understanding.
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It is very great !!!
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Perhap it too was a nocturnal predator like a owl.
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These were once real creatures? I just googled the name. What weird critters! Your rendition is adorable.

I am now inspired to move onto prehistoric animals when I finish my current project.
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Just saying this is truly a wonderful experience. Thank you for the info. And such a wondrous drawling. 
Trendorman's avatar
Awwww it's like a bat mixed with a flying squirle and a hint of lizard
Eurwentala's avatar
Pretty much that. :) And a bit of a fluffy bird thrown in, as the fuzz might be more feather- than hair-like.
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Yah ....also I saw someone on YouTube youse this picture the youtubers name is Matt santaro
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When you really look at them, almost every pterosaur seems weird "by pterosaur standards." XD Anywho, this thing is flippin' ADORABLE!
Eurwentala's avatar
Well, yeah, you might be right. :D Though anurognathids are even weirder than usual.
iherduleikdragonites's avatar
Agreed. They're little fuzzy weird cute bat things. What's not to love?
iherduleikdragonites's avatar
Though thinking about it, something like a nightjar would have been a better analogy...
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