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A biology jack of all trades from Finland. An illustrator, writer, blogger and occasional lecturer. I'm endlessly fascinated by the diversity of life on Earth and its evolution. Dinosaurs, pterosaurs, Pleistocene megafauna and more.

Hi everyone! I finished the third part of my Zoology for Paleoartists blog posts. While the last two were concerned on which colours are possible in non-avian dinosaurs, this one discusses what kind of colours are ecologically plausible - that is, how evolution shapes animal colour. The needs to camouflage, impress mates or warn off predators are different for each species, producing the incredible diversity of colours and patterns in the animal kingdom. Link to the article: Includes original artwork!
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Hi everyone! I published the next part of my Zoology for Paleoartists blog posts. This one also concerns dinosaur colours, but this time, the ones we can't (yet) decipher from fossils. How are yellow, green, orange and red hues formed in bird feathers and skin? And which of these were likely present in non-avian dinosaurs? Link to the article: Thanks for all the comments and shares for the last post. I'm glad you find this stuff useful!
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After two and a half years (seriously, where does time go?) of silence, I'm reviving my blog, the Humming Dinosaur. There's a new article up about how birds and crocodylians get their colours and what they can tell us about the long-gone colours of non-avian dinosaurs or pterosaurs. Were there blue or iridescent dinosaurs? Did they change colour like a lizard? Also, illustrated with paintings by Dinomaniac ( ! Link to article:
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You draw lovely illustrations of all sorts of fascinating subjects. Thank you for generously sharing your work.

Thank you so much!

Hi. I was wondering if you could do free art requests for me

Kukkuu! En tiedä kuinka aktiivisesti käyt täällä lukemassa viestejä, mutta kommentoin nyt silti. Olen aina ihaillut suunnattomasti tapaasi piirtää, sillä sinulla on taiteellisesti todella viehättävä "piirtämiskäsiala". Rakastan tyyliäsi piirtää ääriviivat ja värittää. Myös tekemiäsi taustoja on ilo katsella. :love:

Lisäksi olen yksi blogejasi fanittavista piilolukijoista, vaikka en olekaan ilmaissut olemassaoloani ennen. Blogejasi ja taidettasi onkin tullut seurattua jo useamman vuoden ajan. En nyt osaa sanoa sen enempää, mutta tekstejäsi on miellyttävä lukea, sillä hallitset sujuvan tavan ilmaista tieteellisiä kokonaisuuksia kansantajuisesti ja toisaalta myös humoristisesti. Mahtavaa siis, että pidät blogeja ja mahtavaa, että julkaiset myös taidettasi muiden katseltavaksi! :hug:

Still up for commissions?

Not at the moment, sorry. I'm again badly overworked and am mostly just posting old stuff here as well.

I'm asking this here in the event that you do not have Chat yet, but how good is your knowledge of the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum?