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Well, as many may have noticed I haven't used Deviantart for a LOOOONG while. I've been over at Twitter, Tumblr, & Flickr more because I can just dump images there without worry. Something here stressed me out long ago that I forgot what it was, yet I haven't really been using this site. Not even sure what to upload, or if I should do a backlog update, yet everything I would post is up on my Flickr… & Tumblr. Tumblr I'm not posting because it contains R18 type content which offends society because people (woman) show skin. Nudity offends people, for whatever silly reason. Even if it's tasteful. It's silly, more so from my European 1990's mindset that being naked is normal, but whatever, that's not the point.

Just that every image is on my Flickr & I haven't really felt attached to DA to make use of it. I forgot about it that I can live without it. For those still following me, hoping to get content, I'm sorry to disappoint you on here. I'm really unsure when I will update, probably never. I'm back to lurking, more so being insanely busy in the real world dealing with people's stupidity also. People assuming they know everything, or trying to pretend they're a fulltimer [workplace fun] when they're still a part timer. People with power trips, or Canadian girls assuming they know everything that they seek out drama. Granted, there are nice ones out there, just that I always come across either stupid party girls or ones that seek fights & trouble by tearing you apart by also giving you unnecessary lectures. There's really no "down to earth" types, or rare. If there are any, then they must be where stupid people aren't. The same ones I deal with. They're wisely in another country, or doing a professional job taking them away from stupid people I have to deal with in a 'power trip' manner. 


I've also been following Victory Belles game hoping it'll be as fun and rewarding as KanColle. More so because it advertises itself as 'variety' in nations that you'd even be able to play as the forgotten Italians, or even play with Canadian Belles. It's quite awesome. I just want to see HMCS Haida, HMCS Huron, HMCS Uganda (Quebec), HMCS Ontario, HMCS Prince Robert, HMCS Prince David, & HMCS Prince Henry in the game, in some fashion. I'm wanting to see someone expand on their service by translating it into the Belle's art. I've seen Warship Girl adding in 'HMCS Haida' in a semi-serious stereotypical RCMP uniform, yet in a tolerable manner. I can't play the game yet, but it's neat. 

I'm now wishing, if in vain, that KanColle shall even add in some RCN (Canadian) related Kanmusu in KanColle so I can feel attached. It seems it'll never happen because I'm always being given the stupid response of  1) "Canadians had a small navy", 2) "There's nothing special in their navy", 3) "They weren't an offensive nation", and 4) "They don't have anything to compare to USA, or Germany. You shouldn't compare them to another nation."

All that pisses me off because people miss the point. People don't understand that this is like Pokemon where you can PICK AND CHOOSE whom you want to sortie. You're not really forced to go all BBs, or all DD's. You can do whatever. Don't guilt trip me for not being able to choose Canadians in a game, nor make up excuses as to why I shouldn't seek Canadians out via size of the army. Also, I'm not comparing Canada's size to USA, nor Germany. Just that you should give respect where it's due, and that I just want to see the RPG elements of Canada in Victory Belles of seeing them personified as Belles/Kanmusu, and for variety sake. You don't know how many times I was buzzkilled & depressed when I couldn't choose Canadians in a WW2 game. Same with a Civilization game, or Rise of Nations. It's always the same excuse that I feel depressed that I can't play as my own country, nor can I make use of any of our units.  You don't know how depressive it is to hear that, or "to just play British", or to hear why you can't be in KanColle because Canada is a "minor nation". I am however overly honored & proud to have HMCS Saguenay in VB, yet awaiting more. I'm also aware I can't compare Canada to USA or Germany in naval might, yet it's the selection of the unit which makes this possible.

I don't expect Canadians in KanColle, yet if I do see any Canadians then I'd of course feel happy in that unmeasurable manner. You wouldn't know how many years of not playing Canada & being guilt tripped would feel like being able to finally connect with Canadians in a game. It would be like Pokemon GO for me in excitement. From nothing, to being able to do something highly awesome. It be insanely addicting to finally tend to a Canadian Belle/Kanmusu. It's a shame people have to guilt trip.

I also piss the Americans off because they always have everything handed to them on a silver/gold platter. They don't have to work for their Belles or Kanmusu. They're in every fucking game, and they even have fucking Iowa with her fake freedom (check the real world news), yet Canadians, Italians, & Dutch always get shafted. When I seek out variety nobody really wants it, yet also why I love Silent Hunter 3. It has national variety, and it's an OLD game still holding up well to this day. I'm trying to get some Dutch Belles (Victory Belles) shown for a Dutch Comrade, yet people are stuck on their blind American pride. Knock it off. They feign ignorance, or I turn into some villain. I'm even glad I learned about the Adua-Class submarine from 'Victory at Sea', yet nobody seems to want to do the same. 

I love my games, but I hate people guilt tripping one another. I'm both happy & moody at the same time because that's how things are. It's a bumpy road that you'll either catch me happy or you'll catch me pissed off. It all depends on the potholes & bumps along the road. Hope you catch me when I'm happy, and when people can be intelligent again without guilt tripping others. 
  • Listening to: Flying Witch OST
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  • Playing: Rising World
  • Eating: smoked salmon
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Arctic Kitsune
Favourite genre of music: Anime OST, Instrumentals, and Vocaloid
Favourite photographer: Danny Choo
Favourite style of art: Figma/Shinki style
MP3 player of choice: PSP, why do I need other over-priced and hyped gadgets?
Favourite cartoon character: 'Saber' from "Fate/Stay night" and 'Horo' from "Spice and Wolf&am



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When you run 3D Custom Girl for the first time, you will travel through the green digital tunnel for few seconds, until the girl appears in the bright flash of blue light, in the middle of the screen, floating, as soon as she lands to the floor, The Matrix-styled digital rain and the blue glow disappear and the entire enviroment forms from the mass of symbols in the digital rain and becoming cleaner.
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Thank you so much for the fav on my horo cosplay pic ^-^
Glad u like it~

Natsu :squee:
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