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FFVII:AC-Delicate bloom by love-squad
Wedding Day by adelhaid
Manga-Anime III
Untitled by sandrinerinny
School year is over!! by Usagitxo
Tomoe by phmiadema
Uta No Prince Sama - Ichinose Tokiya by KayladFrost
Manga - Anime II
I am waiting for you (Suishou - manga Kobato) by Seiya-teno
Training till the sunset by emeilian
Jem and Mirko by LadyGiselle
I'm still here by Lexine90
Ciel:.Welcome to Phantomive mansion. by Yuiie
Kirito x Asuna, Sword Art Online (Casual) by Doriri-chan
Shingeki No Kyojin - Mikasa Ackerman by RottenCasket
Pokemon - Sleeping Sun by Another-Rose
Video Games II
Sombra swimsuit ~ Overwatch by LauMao
Lara Croft Underworld - double shot by TanyaCroft
Lunafreya - That kiss by SoraPaopu
Video Games
GlaDOS cosplay Portal 2 by onkami
Noctis Lucis Caelum (final fantasy XIII) by Your-Pain
Alice Madness Returns - Steampunk Hattress by Katy-Angel
Ahri, The Nine-Tailed Fox by adaman77
Kaito by sato92
MATRYOSHKA by MimiCosplay
Winters Night by littleblacksouly
Final Fantasy XV Luna Kingsglaive cosplay by Rael-chan89
Original Character
Sakizo by causless
Autumn fairy 2 by Elisa-Erian
Kuro Akuma_Original Cosplay_7 by Kaiten-san
Gothic - Jp fashion - music - v kei - doll
Sakai Mitsuki | Sakuragarami ver [2] by piyu-kotodama
Oh Melancholy Hill by Groucho91
Sakai Mitsuki | Sakuragarami ver by piyu-kotodama
Chris Fehn (Slipknot) Carpicon 2017 by Groucho91
movies - tv - literature - Disney
Khaleesi by Matsue-Faust
Tinkerbell ft Wendy Cosplay by GlowingSnow
Harley Quinn FIRE by elodie50a
Wicked this way comes! (HP: Dolores Umbridge) by KvartsiCosplay
Comics -not manga-
Batgirl of Burnside by astelvert
Cosplay Tutorial
Hela Cosplay Marvel's Thor Ragnarok WIP headdress by Mon-Kishu

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READ THE RULES - we will know if you haven't, so read them if you want to join xD

This group has been created for the cosplayers from Europe, including Israel, Turkey, Russia and Iceland! :) so if you are from Europe and you are a cosplayer or a cosplay photographer... WELCOME! :la:



+ About when you want to join

x To be a member, you have to be from Europe (or the mencionated countries above. This is not rascim, This group is focused to the Cosplay in Europe, so it's logical that the group only allow European members.

x TELL US your country when you are going to send a join request, not AFTER. When you send us a join request, you can type there. SEND THE JOIN REQUEST WITH THE NAME OF YOUR COUNTRY

x If you aren't European, but you like the group, just +watch it and enjoy! ^^

x You don't need to have cosplay photographies in your gallery, since you can be a future cosplayer or photographer :) (you only need to be European! :p )


+ Submission rules

x Three dev per week (one in hiatus)

x On the artist comment of a dev, please, type the name of the character and where the character is from (Naruto, Harry Potter, Final Fantasy.... whatever) We can't know the name of each manga, videogame or whatever.

x Submit your work to the correct gallery folder, it will be rejected if you don't.

x When you submit a vocaloid cosplay, please type on the artist comment the song it is from or tell us when you submit it

x Do NOT submit pictures of you with a wig and casual clothes. We won't allow them on our galleries. Unless you are cosplaying as an official art of that character in casual clothes.

x On the OC character you can only submit Original Characters. No original version of a character: for example a gender bender of Luffy, a gijinka, a costume designed by you for a non OC character… these things have to be submited to the folder the characters belongs to (manga, vocaloid, video games…). On the OC folder, ONLY oc (characters created by you or any other)

x no WIP ! (work in progres) neither Test (wig test, costume test...) and neither cosplay props... only finished costumes

x If you think that the gallery folder you want it isn't in the group, send a message telling us about what new folder would you like and we'll look for a solution

x Please, we don't ask for a HQ picture, but we neither want a low quality one, pics full of noise are not allowed niether



* If you want to add a fav to the group, it doesn't have to be from a European, it can be from whoever! ^^ is just have to be a cosplay :3
* AND DO NOT SUGGEST YOUR OWN WORK... you can suggest from other people, but not yours


+ Behavoir rules...
x These are quite obvious, don't insult any staff neither any member, don't get angry when your submission is declined or your join request is declined... and if we randomly ask you where you are from, that's because we make random review to our member, so if we see any with "unknown" country, we'll ask that person where is that person from, in order to know that we all are European :meow:

Have fun! ^^







The founder, Dokan-Kuwabara will be inactive for a month due to personal issues. If your deviations get declined, ours apologizes. We get so many messages and maybe we are not able to check them all. Sorry.

If you have any dough, ask the staff (but remember, not Dokan-Kuwabara !)
Once again, we are on a hiatus. We are sorry
Now you can only submit 1 dev per week.
We'll come back as soon as we can

EuropeanCosplay staff
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Hello everyone! :iconukitakeplz:
I've written a detailed post about my popular old Jushiro Ukitake cosplay from Bleach. The post includes WIP photos, old cosplay pics, heart-warming con stories, a creepy coincidence and a tale of escaping death. Read it here: My Ukitake cosplay story
Chigami Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I've made a blog post about my old Ichigo Kurosaki cosplay (Bleach) from 2009-2010. Includes a mini guide on how I made my shihakusho robes:… :)
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Thank you for accepting me! (*^*)
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We are a group dedicated to showcase ONLY Pokemon cosplays. From Gijinkas/Human Forms to Fursuits, Trainers to NPC's. We give POINTS to EVERY member! 
Given Points guidelines:

Entering the group: 1 point
For each cosplay of yours you submit: 1 point

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