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Tournament Cosmos - Sailor Anzai reference sheet
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Published: March 9, 2012
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Page 1 of Audition Comic: [link]

Full Civilian Name: Does not have a civilian form
Senshi Name: Sailor Anzai

Backstory: None! Created by the Anzai God Geondra, the Great Father Sun God, and unintentionally powered by the Great Mother Moon Goddess.

Realm of Influence: Maidens/Sundra of Anzai (forthcoming) webcomic series
Alignment: Good

Attacks: Able to harness the pink life-energy of the Anzai God Geondra, using it as both an energy beam attack or a shield. She doesn't have a name for her attack, she just does it.

Side note: The powers infused into her from the relatively weak Grand Father Sun God (elemental magics, fire, water, ice, wind, lightning, void, etc) and the unimaginatively powerful Great Mother Moon Goddess (technological magics, telepathy, etc), along with the strong foundation of the Anzai God Geondra (life-sustaining and healing and earth magics), Sailor Anzai is able to use all the elements of nature plus technological magics, i.e. - teleportation, plant magic, sewing magic, hovering/flight magic, death and disease magic, etc.
HOWEVER, being that she is JUST CREATED, she's had absolutely zero training and has no idea how to tap into her full potential as the strongest warrior of the all-female planet Anzai.

Because of this nigh-infinite cacophony of abilities, Sailor Anzai is able to mirror and use an attack that has been used against her by an opponent. She has to watch the attack only once to be able to use it. However, her memory for being able to use said attack is probably very short lived (say, she'd probably forget how to use it after a round).

Now, she doesn't know that she has that ability, so I'm sure it'll come as a surprise to her when she figures it out.

Weaknesses: Not knowing what she can do. Doesn't have any social skills, hasn't ever met anyone else.

What your Character would change if they won: To balance Anzai with equal number of Maidens (females) and Sundra (males) once again.

Additional Information: She's incredibly naive and gullible and innocent but has very strong willpower.

Also, the three gems on her body, one on each wrist and one in the center of her collarbone/chest, are embedded into her skin/body. They're focus points of her power.
The gem in the middle of her fuku is an infinite bag of holding, though she's yet to figure that out.
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Ooh, a senshi without a civilian form! This will be interesting.

Incidentally, does this mean you aren't submitting a reference for Sailor Grimm anymore?
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Euri-EuropaNoSenshi|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeeaaaah....I'm not submitting her.
I had a really good idea going and was fleshing out comic ideas but it was just so complicated and I was making it harder than it needed to be
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Sorry to hear that :(
But I can't wait to see what Anzai does!
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