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Fakemon -- S'molten

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Evolves from S'moar with the Fire Stone. Is the final form of (???).

Signature move: Mallow Melt

Fairy-type special attack, 90 power, 90 accuracy

Has a 10% chance to burn the target; also burns up the target's held berry

My second entry into TsaoShin's Dessert Dragon Challenge. I also designed a pre-evo for S'moar based off an idea that my friend Amiibo from the Arlo's Best Friends Club Discord server, but it's not a Dragon type, so it won't be entered into the challenge.

My original design for S'molten retained the long stick legs of S'moar, but they ultimately made the design awkward and far less majestic, so I made it a legless serpent dragon instead. S'molten preying on Alcremie needs no explanation, and its love of Moomoo Milk is inspired by the Lambton Worm, another similarly-shaped danger noodle that could be pacified (temporarily) with large quantities of milk.
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