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Fakemon -- S'moar

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So TsaoShin is doing an art challenge to draw 'dessert dragons,' and I decided to participate by creating a Dragon-type fakemon line. While mentally running through the possibilities for different dessert dragon types, I though of a marshmallow, which eventually led to a s'more, which I decided would be pretty fitting for a dragon-type Pokemon line because the evolved form could be based off the roasted/melted smore. (It also gave me the opportunity to make a Dragon/Fairy type, which previously only existed on Mega Altaria.) Originally it was going to have chocolate chip spikes on its face and back, but they just cluttered up the design and made it far less cute, so now it only has the one chocolate chip on its tail.

I went through three different designs before settling on this one, and then it took me a while just to decide on how thick the lineart should be. Microsoft Paint is hardly the ideal medium for digital art, but it's what I currently know how to use, so it's what I ran with. I picked colors from Swirlix, Seedot, and Kantonian Sandslash when coloring these Pokemon. The shiny form is based off of chocolate graham crackers, pink marshmallows, and white chocolate.

S'moar evolves from (???) with high friendship. It evolves into S'molten with the Fire Stone.

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Aw this is so cute! Well done!