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Echo Lake - Chapter One: The Crevice
    "Is the camera on?" Ezra Christensen asked his twin sister, Iris, who stood in front of him while pointing an archaic-looking camcorder.
   Ezra and Iris were both in their late teens and very tall and thin, with dark black hair, pale skin, freckles, and an affinity for graphic t-shirts and knee-length shorts. While they looked practically identical, there were only a few differences between them, aside from their genders. Iris had green eyes preferred to leave her hair long and stringy, reaching just below her shoulder-blades; whereas Ezra had hazel eyes and preferred to have his hair styled into a feathery quiff.  
    "Is the camera on?" Ezra repeated, raising his eyebrows.
   Iris looked down at the device, allowing her hair to droop in front of her face and obstruct the camera lens. She then looked back up after seeing that the camera was, indeed, turned on.   "Yeah," she told him after pressing the record button
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Echo Lake: Meet the Characters
    This is a collection of main characters that will be appearing frequently in the series. Their ages range from their mid-teens to their mid-twenties, have a set colour scheme, which will be evident in the descriptions for their clothing; and will have different roles in the story.

Keith Radford: 
Gender - M
Age - 18 (born May 8th, 1995, in Vancouver, BC)
Hair Colour - Dirty Blonde
Eye Colour - Blue
Skin Tone - Fair
Colour Scheme - Blue
Hometown - Echo Lake, ON (formerly Toronto)
Role - Naïve Newcomer
Gabriela "Gabby" Sanchez:
Gender - F
Age - 19 (born August 12th, 1994, Bogota, Colombia)
Hair Colour - Black
Eye Colour - Hazel
Skin Tone - Tan
Colour Scheme - Purple
Hometown - Echo Lake, ON (Formerly Bogota, Col)
Role - Unfazed Everygirl
Adrian Sanchez:
Gender - M 
Age - 21 (born October 13th, Bogota, Colombia)
Hair Colour - Black 
Eye Colour - Brown 
Skin Tone - Olive
Colour Scheme - Orange
Hometown - E
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Oh Feminism, What Happened to You?
    Once upon a time, I took a class at my high school called Women's Studies, which dealt with how far women in Canada and all over the world have come over the past few centuries. In class, we discussed things like body image, the portrayal of women in the media, relational aggression, healthy and unhealthy relationships, women in other countries, and women in history. In that class, we were repeatedly told how lucky we were to live in Canada and to be raised in this era. We were taught how to look at the media from a more critical lens. We were taught how to be safe in a variety of situations. But most importantly, we learned how the very first feminism movement granted women personhood, gave them the right to vote, gave them the right to seek employment, and generally get to where they are now. There was nothing taught in that class that suggested that we should treat men like garbage. 
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The Social Justice Bird
    It is always vocal;
    Such an abrasive call;
    Attempting to fly;
    Rapidly flapping its wings;
    Struggling to take off;
    Shrieking all through the process
    Before collapsing out of breath;
    Its melody is out of tune;
    The song and dance of its species.
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Pissing on SJWs
Dear SJWs;
    Today, I watched a YouTube video of a woman getting piss dumped on her by some broad who claims to care about social justice. Let me tell you a little something about social justice:
    Social justice is something that used to mean something before you dunderheads came into the picture and began spewing your dreck. It used to be a term for the aim for those who cared whether or not everyone had the rights that they deserved. It used to mean (and I'm quoting Wikipedia here) the fair and just relationship between the individual and society. Social justice is meant to be for everyone, regardless of race, gender, political views, income, education, sexual orientation, religion, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Now it's a term that has been corrupted by blowhards and hypocrites like you.
    You don't care. None of you care. Stop pretending you do. It's time for you all to pull your twisted, ugly heads out of your backsides and pu
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Dear SJWs...
You know what. Since any story I've written, am writing, or plan to write may include the following, I might as well apologize to the so-called Social Justice Warriors (who probably don't know what social justice is even about) who might find my stories "traumatic" or "offensive" all because of something trivial, mundane, none of their business, or not their problem. (AN: If anyone reading this is part of the subcultures, religions, nationalities, etc., that are mentioned who are NOT SJWs, happen to be offended by this, just know that this was not my intention at all and that I'm sorry if I did offend anyone.) Here we go.
I'm sorry my female character is thin.
I'm sorry my overweight character wants to start making healthy choices.
I'm sorry my straight, white, male character finds a woman attractive.
I'm sorry my Colombian character wakes up in the morning and makes a cup of coffee.
I'm sorry my Canadian character put maple syrup on his/her pancakes.
I'm so
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