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I appreciate science fiction and science fantasy. I'm a blooming talentless hack that's sometimes funny.
Ahriman did nothing wrong.

commission information


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commission information[updated: 11-27-18]

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 16, 2018, 11:07 PM

i accept ko-fi
in the coming days i will begin to accept paypal once again, and invoices will be required
just for my safety and your own
i also only accept USD, but paypal has a function that automatically translates currency so you shouldn't have to worry about that.
if that isn't the case, let me know.

Simple Stuff

for my ko-fi it's just $3 or more for things like:
  • a basic sketch
  • headshot[colored or non]
  • random things that wont take much time[shitposts, really]
  • basic chibi/cutesy wootsy

Basic Stuff

$7-$10 USD
Price will only vary due to complexity
coloring will not have insane shading
  • filled out sketch
  • chibi/cutesy[not as basic]
  • Full-body[colored or non]
  • Half-Body[colored or non]
  • 'Minor' posing scene[IE action shot]
  • 1-4 panel comic[Verrrry basic, maybe some fancy shading if it fits the tone]
  • headshot/avatar[That has shading]

Advanced Stuff

$12-$25 USD
Price will again vary due to complexity
it will not go over $25
shading will be at peak 'perfection'

  • 5-10 panel comics
  • Battle-Scenes[be gentle]
  • not-minor posing scene[complex posing]
  • full-body[spruced up to the max on details]
  • half-body[same as above]
  • fully shaded/lit nightmares

What I can and will do

  • i got tired of putting in the warhammer 40k thing but ADEPTUS SORORITAS
  • the adeptus mechanicus
  • el.. dar...
  • ta u
  • death korps krieg
  • Clone Troopers!
  • J e d i
  • Animals[Mammalians]
  • Anthros/Furries
  • Grim Fandango characters
  • Science Fiction type things[Robots, Cyborgs, AI, etc]
  • 40k anything
  • knights
  • sand
  • things with helmets and or masks

What I can try and do

  • Halo/Spartans/ODSTs
  • Half-Life Combine
  • Half-Life anything
  • anime/manga
  • aliens without helmets on of any type
  • xenomorphs
  • suggestive content/pin-ups
  • animations
  • ponies
  • birds
  • fish
  • lizards
  • snakes
  • Stormtroopers
  • warhammer fantasy anything
  • different 40k things
  • jojo's bizarre adventure style
  • disney
  • ... dark souls
  • landscapes/scenery
  • NCR Rangers
  • Fallout anything, actually
  • humans

What I cannot or will not do
  • nothing illegal or borderline illegal[no shotacon or lolicon]
  • purely NSFW[it may change in the future but please do not count on it and please do not ask]
  • transformation type art
  • fetish art of any kind
  • overly violent/goreporn levels of weird shit
  • things that would make my dad more disappointed in me than he already is
  • things that will make me crave death

Speed-Painting/Recordings of the drawings themselves will be an extra $5

I do not charge extra for characters, so long as the number is not over five.
But please be gentle.

as for how quickly i will get these done, at most it will take me two weeks unless something comes up to stop me. at the very least, depending on the simplicity, could be an hour or six.
Please do not hesitate to ask for updates on your commissions, as it will keep me on track.
A couple messages a day won't be ignored.

again, where you can pay me:

you can donate points but man who uses those anymore am i right or am i right lads.

do people want to see me post more 

6 deviants said
post more b
3 deviants said
this is fine.


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