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I'm replacing the sketch comics with scrolling versions to make them easier to deal with for readers.  Please check out Tigress Queen's new site!
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little Kazhra is an adorable little murder machine and i love her

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PERFECT rebuttal to that insult!!

So...can she actually turn into a tiger?  Or was she just raised by tigers?
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She can't turn into a tiger XD
If she uses warpaint in a Tiger Stripe Pattern I don't think people are going to see much of a difference....
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I love the ending to this one! Kazhra has some awesome lines!
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I've been reading too much manga. I keep trying to read it the wrong way. 
Was it good manga?
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Yes and no. Some of it is great. Some of it is mostly good with some mediocre parts. And some of it is just plain trash. 
Mind telling me what the good and great ones are?
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A Silent Voice, Berserk, Vinland Saga, One Punch Man, ReLIFE, My Hero Academia, Battle Royale, Overlord, Eyeshield 21,  These are some of the good/great ones. 

I had a small write up for a couple of them, but then my internet shit the bed and I lost them and I don't feel like trying to type it all out again. 
I went and read A Silent Voice. The mangaka almost couldn't get it published because he had trouble finding someone that would allow a story that showed the actual bullying situation in Japan and the abuse of the disabled.
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