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I'm replacing the sketch comics with scrolling versions to make them easier to deal with for readers.  Please check out Tigress Queen's new site!

(This one takes place between "Witch" and "Walls")
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"Oh Sh!t, He's Competent!"

*competence boner*

(from the mind of a shipper)
Especially after this one, I'd really like to know more about how things turned out for these two and how the war went.   Or was going.  Or whatever.
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"HEyyyyyy, this bath too big for one person..............*SPLASH*"
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is kenza and kezkaramki same person? or do they tooo look alike?
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Kenza is Kezkaramki's father but he used his father's name as a cover so he could pass for a soldier. Kezkaramki is a Zizumbira name, Kenza is a Northern name.
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I love this one! But where's the other parts? I can only find this part of Bath.
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This is the whole scene.
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Wasn't this part 2 of 4? Or am I misremembering something?
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I made a bunch of sketch comics but all the segments are now as neatly separated as I can get them. This is the entirety of the bath scene.
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Oooohhh. I see what you mean now. I found the one I was thinking of in a different post. I was thinking of Witch, which wasn't a part of this one and I was just misremembering. I love that one too. They're both so great!
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