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Chaplain in Terminator Armour

Funs in a Terminator Chaplain. Just bought the new model, so I kinda had fun with merging the old with the New I guess.
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this looks great and i too own the collectors ed terminator chaplain that looks amazing

eddt67's avatar
Most excellent!
Stargazzer811's avatar
Terminator Chaplain! The ultimate holy warrior, and such a snappy dresser.
Techno40k's avatar
You got the limited edition model? I am envious! Oh I hope it is ok to ask (not good at this kind of stuff) but would it be ok with you if I used this as a steam / forums avatar?
ninjasaurus83's avatar
Impressive details...
ArcticWolf125's avatar
Oh that is awesome! Dark Angel?
Ashofthewilliams's avatar
Face you make when your company sergeant makes such a bad joke, it's almost heretical.
bratKlont's avatar
I will cosplay this. Mark my words.
Daz2015's avatar
There is only War in the 41st millenium..awesome work😊💖💖👍👍✊✌(/-\)☆☆☆☆☆
alithking's avatar
Awesoem and badass Chaplain, congratulations! Clap Headbang! 
AmarNova17's avatar
Omg!!! It's amazing n awesome love the art/ looks like u put a lot work into it 😎👍❤️
loving-Art-RA's avatar
This is amazingly awesome
Fallen-Sock's avatar
There's a new model for Chaplain Termies?? I have no idea what the new model looks like but this is a good piece of work with the composition and colours
Eupackardia's avatar
Yeah what Brakkart said. it is only available to store openings and special events or whatnot.
Brakkart's avatar
Yeah there is a plastic Termy chaplain model now, but it's only available at events and store openings/birthdays I believe. Really nice model too.
Fallen-Sock's avatar
I just had a look at it. It is a lovely model. Shame it won't see general release. 
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