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Berserked Limitless Sword vs Kyouichi Kamita
'nuff said.  Watch this :…
I haven't come here for a very long time after joining some activities to draw a bunch of puppet characters. OTZ

I doubt I will be coming here much but only to put some of the puppet artworks I drew for backup on this site.
I wonder if any animators would be interested in this... click this link:

Full preview:
I intend to publish a 16-pager comic book.  It's a comic that most of you have never seen before and appeal mostly for philosophers and theologians.  I have gotten inputs from some readers who had read this book saying that the story is quite fascinating even though they don't agree with some of the concepts.  However, I can't say the art I did is fascinating enough.  Nonetheless, it's a good feedback.

The question is, I need to publish for international audience.  So, I need to gather some feedback from everyone if anyone would like to purchase the comic and how many copies.  I know I'm not expecting much audience since I don't advertise my comic much.

And another question is, would you like me to submit it to a publishing site online for you to order or would you rather want me to seek for a printer company and order thru me?

Appreciate your response on this.
I haven't been visiting DA for over a month and I just noticed people wishing me Birthday.  D:  Awh... Sowwy!!  Actually, I haven't been visiting DA much ever since I began spending lesser and lesser time drawing.  I haven't drawn and posted a single piece or art for a month already.  (Can anyone survive without drawing for over a month?)

For those who wished me Birthday, thank you and a big hug to everyone!!!
Just started reading this Taiwanese manhua and I'm hooked.  The plot is pretty interesting and most of the female characters have an outspoken personality, the kind of characteristic typical to many Taiwanese girls.

If you are an MMORPG player, you will laugh at the jokes.  You can search online for the English translated version for free.  One of the best Taiwanese comics I've read thus far.
Geez, I forgot to wish everyone Happy New Year here.

So, here's a video of my drawing sort of a resolution for New Year perhaps?…

A redrawn version of 1st chapter of my old comic I never bothered to even finish and I probably won't post it online.  I'm still pretty bad at designing fantasy clothing but that's just one of my excuse for being too busy and tired to think of a better design.  Aaaanyway, it's just a sketch which I will refine later.

A lot of things happened in 2010.  I'm hoping things will take a better turn this year.  And don't worry, the world will not end in 2011 or even 2012.
Go here:

It's a Chinese webcomic site.  Usually, you will get to see a lot of freelance artists upload by chapters instead of page by page.  Some of the freelance artists are on par with professional quality.  The commenting system works like Nico Nico Douga style where you actually get to write something on the content of the pages.  And quite a number of comments by the readers are somewhat sarcastic and poking fun at the artists' drawing.  

After going through this site, all I can say is: Dang you Chinese, you are freaking INSANE!!!

Although... I'm considered a Chinese myself...
Sometimes, we tend to complain at problems we encounter, yet we tend to ignore the fact that there're so many people out there who live in tougher situations than us.  

I met a young man in his early twenties at the home care.  Both of his kidneys have failed.  He told us that if he doesn't go for dialysis every week, he would die.  His aging parents are struggling to pay his treatment to keep him alive.  Sometimes, his face would turn pale and he would start vomiting.  At times, the pain he felt is so excruciating that he needs to be rushed to the hospital.  It's a struggle of life and death every week for him.

He looks playful on the outside but when I read his notes that he wrote, his words are full of tears and thoughts of suicide.  His only wish is such a simple wish - to get well.  

Last week, I lend him my handphone and let him played the games.  I wish I could do more for him but I guessed my handphone was good enough to keep him cheerful and entertained.

So, my advise to everyone: Be grateful and think twice before you start complaining about your sucky situations that you've encountered, unless your life turns out to be just as bad as that young man.

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USD $5 for a pencil sketched character.  If the character looks complicated to draw, I may choose to go up to USD $10.  Not sure if anyone interested.

Why a $5 pencil sketched character?  'coz that's probably the only thing I can do for the time being and probably the only thing I can do it quick.  orz  


:pointl::pointl:Important Pointers:pointr::pointr:

:halfliquid: I won't sketch character performing sex, hentai, masturbation, MPreg and such.  Why?  'Coz I don't want my mom staring at what I draw.  orz

:halfliquid: Sensitive issues that may relate to one sided view point on politic, religion, race, and so on.  I certainly don't want terrorists or fanatic fangirls/fanboys start bombarding insults on my page because for what I draw.

:halfliquid: I accept moderate gore only.  If you want a character that gets thrusted with a broom stick from the anal, with the end protruded out from the mouth.  No.  That's just wrong.

:halfliquid: I may reject request if I deem the request is unsuitable, or for whatever personal reasons.

:halfliquid: You may choose a style that you'd like to see and I'll try my best to adapt but I can't guarantee I'm good at that.  Please provide details or sample characters so that I can know what I should draw.  Currently, I accept non realism character request 'coz drawing realism takes up a lot of time.

:halfliquid: Mode of payment: Paypal should be good (ephanmyATgmailDOTcom).  Replace AT with @ and DOT with .  but don't send in the payment first until I get full details of your request.

:halfliquid: USD $5 for a single full figure character.  USD $10 for two characters, USD $15 for three and so on.

:halfliquid: What you would get: 300dpi scan of a pencil sketched character.  I may post a smaller version display on my page and if you would prefer not to have it display on my page, just message me.

:halfliquid: Any other questions, post your comments here.


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Just started reading Hetalia manga after watching this YouTube video:…

It's been many months I haven't read manga or watch anime. I do like this comic.  Although the contents of manga is full of stereotypes and some historical inaccuracies, but I like it mainly because every character in the nations are living under one roof without hostility.  

It even depicts hostile countries as characters living together as brothers and sisters.  Everyone just learn to put down their hatred and be friends with each other.  No racism, no religion hatred, and so on.  Every nations just live together as one big happy family.  Something that I wish in reality the world would be like this.

Maybe it's because I'm kind of tired looking at websites that are over pro or anti whatever nation, culture, religion, race and so on.  I guess that's why this comic kind of appeal to me.
Happy April Fools day.  Geez, I guess DA is having fun messing with our icons.

Here's the current ratings of 3 major puppet shows voted by Taiwanese viewers.  Note that these ratings do not reflect the overall show.…

Some details for each of the puppet shows:
Pili is a long running series, hence the ratings can vary in any range but on average falls in "Ordinary" level.  

Edit: Tianyu is another long running series next to Pili and has been running for almost a decade long. The ratings used to be very good but one of the main writers had left the company, which resulted a sudden alteration of storyline.  Nonetheless, they still have quite a number of faithful followers supporting this show.

Black White Dragon Wolf series has ended recently.  However, due to budget problem, they have very limited distribution of their show, hence you can see the low number of votes.  Their next distribution phase is on 1st April, so the number of votes will eventually go much higher.  On average, Black White Dragon Wolf falls on "Extremely Good" level.  It's so good that every video shops in Taiwan has almost completely sold out the latest episodes.  For the longest time in history, even the shopkeepers in Taiwan are baffled at the constant influx of customers asking for this series.  XD

I can't wait for the next new upcoming series of Black White Dragon Wolf, newly titled "Records of Heaven and Earth".

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Just wondering, anyone have any ideas how you will receive the money if you submit print artworks?

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I got laid off and I'm now jobless.  How sweet.

I'm actually feeling happy to get laid off.  Probably because I feel that the management doesn't appreciate me lately for some reason.  Yet, at the same time, I'm feeling sad because I don't have the income now to support my dad.  

Last year was a really, really bad year for me I guess.  Getting depressive from a really unfortunate incident that happened to two of my close family members, lack of financial support, getting hurt by some extremely selfish and unsupportive family members and also getting blamed a few times at work.  I've shed tears several times at home and at work.  Fortunately, I have some very supportive family members and friends who understand my situation.  And watching some good dramas do help to suppress my sadness.  I guess that's how I managed to find out about the puppet drama Legend of Black White Dragon Wolf.  It's been my best relief from depression every since I started watching it.  ^^

I believe that as long as I have confidence and faith of Heavens (yes, I believe in God yet I'm a free thinker), I'm sure I'll land myself a new job with better pay and in a bigger MNC company.

On other notes, I've gotten quite a few people getting completely addicted to Legend of Black White Dragon Wolf.  I think it's awesome 'coz it does prove itself to be a great series with the storyline that keeps climbing upwards in every episodes.

Currently, the producers has announced a limited stock release of episode 21 and 22.  Every puppet forum I see, fans from Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and even USA are rushing to get that two episodes and few who had watch it says the excitement is pretty high in these two episodes.  

I am so hoping to get it.  I'd feel sad if they really run out of stock.  D:

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HOLY SHEEEEE... I've seen a lot of dramas and animes but Legend of Black White Dragon Wolf series is by far the BEST WRITTEN WUXIA SHOW EVER!!!!

Even though it's a puppet show, never in my life have I ever seen a show with such an intensifying story with a deep plot!!!  Started from the least interesting series to one the top most demanding series in Taiwan, I swear this 26-episode series has the storyline hundred times better than all the Naruto series combined together!…
(Wow, almost 5000 hits after this video is posted in 2 days!)

T_T  HELP!!! Now I completely can't get my mind off of this series!!!

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Again, I usually don't drop by here enough to post anything lately.

Just to update everyone that I'm doing some subbing videos for a team as well as for my own.

Currently, I'm soooooooo completely addicted to Legend of Black White Dragon Wolf and spent a lot of effort subbing this series.  Seriously, the story is just so darn good that it has received pretty high ratings in Taiwan despite that the puppet design they used aren't as top notch quality as PiLi's (but the design actually gets improved in the later part of the series).  X3  

If you don't know what's Legend of Black White Dragon Wolf, well, it's basically my favorite puppet drama.  XD  Go click here to watch the preview and you can see how awesome is the storyline:…

If you're interested, do add me as friend for my subbing channel at 'coz I keep most of my videos under private view.

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I'm thinking of doing commission since I'm in need of some money for my dad's medical and care expenses but I have no idea what's the standard procedure of doing a commission on DA.  Thus I need some suggestions from you guys.  

For someone like me who doesn't have impressive artistic skill (who only knows doing manga style most of the time), what is the standard charge price commonly done by average-skilled artists on DA?  Do you get payment first or later when doing commision?  

And for digital artwork, do you send in original resolution of the file to the purchaser?  Is it considered illegal to do commission art of copyrighted characters (since money is involved in doing commission)?

Any advice would be great!  Thanks!
Anyone who want to watch some of my drawing videos can go here:

Though, I have to admit I don't update my drawing videos often.  The date of the videos are ordered from top to bottom.
Yes, you heard me.  It's back!
I wonder anyone here have watched this drama?  I haven't got the time to watch it but I heard a lot of news mentioned that this was rated as number one best romance comedy drama in many Asian countries in 2008 and 2009.

Found the first episode (I just noticed the rating is high!)…

Official site:…