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New Tablet!

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Ok so it's been forever since I'v updated anthing here really. Soooooo i just wanted to let all you guys know I am doing well and am super excited! I'm getting a new tablet so that means no more usuing just other peoples lines and taking hours to do imple stuff just for my entertainment! It's on it's way now, so in a few days prepare for art overload! Woooooooo!!!!!!!!!

On another exciting note I'm finally getting my mini stud gelded!!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!
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Well Dutch escaped 4 days ago from her cage. I knew the likely hood of finding her alive was slim, having 2 cats and a dog running around. Well we found her this morning beaten and frozen on the front step. Poor thing wasnt even 1 year old yet. May she rest in peace.
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Yay update! lol

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ok i know its been a while just lettin every one know im NOT dead nor is my art. My boyfriend broke my tablet a couple months ago and its been a pain in the but trying to do any art, to add to the my little brother broke my USB so i couldnt save any art. My BF bought me a new tablet for my birthday yay! now i just need to get a new USB and art will start again! Hope every one has had a great halloween and my new comic WILL happen im still writing it up.
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ok well i was supposed to right a short story for school. Well i suck at short stories. They all ways turn out well....not so short. Well i really like the one i have so far. (i will be adding more) Tell me what you think. Thinking of making it in to a drawn story(comic). Should I?

“What are you doing?” Sagwa sneered as she peered around the corner as her little sister, Luna. Luna looked up from her toys, a stick and a dead bird. “Just playing with my new toys I found.” Luna said innocently. Sagwa rolled her eyes and look at Lunas ‘toys’. “Ew gross!” She exclaimed and went inside the cave to nap. Her long white coat waving in the slight breeze. She could smell them. They had come once before and had taken their parents. She wouldn’t let them taker her nor Luna.
Luna got up and sniffed around. There was an odd smell in the air. The passed under a bush and found the odd smell. It was some kind of round meat thing. There were tents around but no living creatures. She crept up to the meat thing and sniffed it. It seemed safe enough. She took a bite. “BLEH” she spat it out. IT was spicy. There was a bark. Luna looked up. One of her own kind? A short burly canine came out of a tent. It smelled like wolf, it sounded wolf, but…. It looked different. It barked once more and its fur bristled on its neck and down its spine. Luna cocked her head. The canine lunged at Luna. Sagwa leaped out of the bushes and pinned the canine. Sawga grabbed its neck and squeezed. It whimpered which came out more of a squeak. “Sagwa! No! Let him go!” Luna pushed on her sisters side. Sagwa picked up the canine and threw it up against a tree. Sagwa picked up Luna in her jaws and ran off as she heard foot steps and voices coming.
When they got back. To the cave Sagwa dropped Luna and was about to scold her when steps came to the cave entrance. Sagwa hushed Luna and pushed her towards the back of the cave. Luna crawled to the back and sat completely still. Sagwa growled deeply and bristled her fur. A loud whistle echoed through the cave. Sagwa and Luna both whimpered and covered their ears. Then every thing went dark…..

Luna woke….her eyes fluttered open. She was in a place that smelled of feces and was incredibly hot. She heard voices. She tried to stand. She had to find Sagwa. She forced her self up but her legs were weak and she fell. Hitting her head on a bar of her cage making a loud bang. Her eyes closed. The voices stopped and soft foot steps came. A squeak of the cage door…..some thing soft around her muzzle…..a prick in the leg…..then darkness again……
     Luna woke again. This time it was cool and smelled of flowers and……SAGWA! Luna lifted her head. Her sister was lying next to her sleeping. Luna squished closer to her sister and nuzzled her. A smiled arose on Sagwas face. She lifted her head and cuddled her little sister. The smiled faded.
“I have failed you Luna. I was supposed to keep you safe and now we are here….” Sagwa held Luna close. Luna looked up at Sagwa.
“We’ll get outa here.” Luna said softly, and then noticed a bandage around her head. It must be there to cover where she hit her head so her brains didn’t leak out.  Voices could be heard in a room close by but they could make nothing of the words. Then steps and voices came to the room they were in. 2 people in white coats approached they cage they were sitting in. Sagwas white coat lifts up on her back and her lips curled. Luna looked at her sister and tries to copy. She got her soft midnight black and white coat to raise. She tried to curl her lips and growl but all that came out was a squeak. The long haired person slipped in a pole with a loop at the end and went around Sagwas neck.
“What about the little one?”
“Oh she’s no threat she’s small. Just grab her fast when I open the cage,  After I pull out the white one.”
“Be ready Luna. When the door opens take a run for it. I’ll be right behind you.” Sagwa said standing up. Luna licked her sisters’ face and got ready to bolt.  The short haired person reached for the latch and opened it. The long haired one quickly pulling on Sagwa and she other reaching for Luna. Luna scurried under him and ran for the door. It was closed. There was glass on top though but she couldn’t get to it. Sawga rammed into the one holding to pole. Shoving the pole into his stomach. He let the pole go and Sagwa leaped over him narrowly missing a sharp object on a table. She scooped Luna up in her jaws and leaped through the glass on the door. The glass slicing through her hide. She ran through the slippery halls, Luna in her jaws and a pole around her neck.
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Woo! Happy Birthday to me! I am officially 14!
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