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New Generation

A new generation of Dragon Riders

I hope you like it.

Inheritance Cycle_ © Christopher Paolini
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Absolutely wondrous. None of this would have been possible if Eragon did not kill Galbatorix.

JDogX21's avatar
One can only hope. Love your style by the way.
MistycloudRiverClan's avatar
So good. I wish CP continued to at least this time
Nightmare-Curse's avatar
This is SUPER aesome!! You added Urgals too!!
SomeKindaSpy's avatar
I kinda wish Paolini would follow up on the story. But then it should probably stay ended how it is.
DinoArt65's avatar
I would love a story about this. 
Thepenguinrapist's avatar
I imagine that the black-haired girl is a child of either Vanir or Murtagh. And the girl with red hair is either Roran and Katrina's daughter or granddaughter (dragon-induced immortality makes estimating aging and timelines a bitch!), and the blond dwarf is of the same clan as Orik. 
Micaerys's avatar
The perfect school *-*
RedClover17's avatar
this is soooo kewl! i wish someone else tried to make a movie
barduk4's avatar
too bad thats not how it turned out :/
RedClover17's avatar
why not? we dont know it didnt^^
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Thepenguinrapist's avatar
I like to think that the red-haired girl Eragon is talking to is his niece, Ismira, daughter of Roran and Katrina. And that the Urgal in the back is the son of Garshvog, the Kull that Eragon befriended, while the black haired girl is the daughter of Murtagh. I love how you made Saphira very clear in the background watching one of whom is certainly her children.
ChaoticNote's avatar
Which black haired girl? The one in the red or the one in the tan-orange?
Thepenguinrapist's avatar
The one in red holding up the kid with the green sword by the neck.
ChaoticNote's avatar
Ok yeah. Kinda obvious now that I think about it. Ah well.
But yeah, she totes looks like she could be Murtagh's daughter.
Thepenguinrapist's avatar
And the way that the purple dragon in the background is looking at Saphira makes me think that it could be one of her children. Your work is awesome!
flutterdashluvr's avatar
AWESOME nice color scheme
Spectrumelf's avatar
*Spoiler alert* (for those who haven't finished the Inheritance cycle)

At the end of Inheritance I was most sad because Eragon's and Saphira's existence seemed like it was going to be a really lonely one. I love this image, it totally helps me redefine the ending into a happy one! ^__^

I love how there's an urgal included and humans and a dwarf! And of course I love your drawing style and color scheme ^__^
SpottedTalon7's avatar
awesome! love this! THIS NEEDS TO BE A BOOK!!
Malzquando's avatar
Since Elves don't grow facial hair (Unless they wanted to with magic I suppose), That makes the person on the far right Eragon yes? Even has the right sword for the job :D
ChloeDahlia's avatar
That girl looks like Ismira :3 Amazing art!
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