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Eragon and Saphira from the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini.

A smile tugged at Eragon's lips as he looked at the small creature. Tentatively, he reached out with his right hand and touched its flank. A blast of icy energy surged into his hand and raced up his arm, burning in his veins like liquid fire. He fell back with a wild cry. An iron clang filled his ears, and he heard a soundless scream of rage.
Every part of his body seared with pain. He struggled to move, but was unable to. After what seemed like hours, warmth seeped back into his limbs, leaving them tingling. Shivering uncontrollably, he pushed himself upright. His hand was numb, his fingers paralyzed. Alarmed, he watched as the middle of his palm shimmered and formed a diffused white oval. The skin itched and burned like a spider bite. His heart pounded frantically.[…]

Inheritance Cycle_ © Christopher Paolini
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I absolutely adore this series and this is amazing! :heart:
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That looks like it'd be fun to color.
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Your art is lovely! I'm loving all your character depictions!
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This looks like it could've come from one of those Highlights magazines. I keep trying to look for hidden objects! :)
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wow the same i was imaging reading the book
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I love the detail!
Oh My God. This Can Only Be Described As Awesome.
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This deviation has been chosen as one of our Monthly Featured Deviations for it's obvious effort and amazing amount of detail.

~co-founder =TakiYume
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I really love ur drawing kind!
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carino, l'eragon semplicemente umano! ^^

bella anche la stanza
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this is quiten awesome! I guess u needed a lot of time for it..soooo many details! great job!
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this fucks my vision but, totally amazing drawing!
I really like it, its something you would want to color and enjoy doing it! Very talented you are ;D
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Wow. Astounding detail. I really like the way you draw, and how you include all the little parts to his room. Also good perspective! :D
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How cool! I knew exactly what this was, before reading the comment, haha. Really nice job with the perspective and very clean lines. :3
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