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March 15, 2014
7:15 a.m. by Eumenidi is a humorous take on what Disney Princesses' off-camera life must be like. The more you look, the more easter eggs you'll be able to find. Check it out!
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7:15 a.m.


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Part 2:

From left to right: Anna (Frozen), Elsa (Frozen), Rapunzel (Tangled), Ariel (The Little Mermaid), Tiana (The Princess and the Frog), Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Belle (Beauty and the Beast), Snow White (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs), Cinderella (Cinderella), Merida (Brave),  Jasmine (Aladdin).

This is a birthday gift for a friend of mine. Well, it took me quite a while to finish this illustration, about 45 hours of work over three weeks. :faint: I'm happy with the end result.
It was fun to draw. Hope you like it.

You guys are amazing! Thank you for all the comments, I'm sorry I can't reply to everyone but I read them all.^-^

Used: Photoshop CS5 - Wacom Intuos4 

Disney Princess_ ©Disney 

EDIT: Wow, I got a Daily Deviation... I'm speechless. Thank you so much!  

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© 2014 - 2021 Eumenidi
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chesiregirl's avatar

I absolutely adore this and all the little details, like there being one single Oscar in the corner because of the one time that Beauty and the Beast won Best Picture.

magineon2003's avatar

Total chaotic art love it

BrianRA's avatar

"morning backstage princess"

wow, amazing

childva's avatar

wonderful drawing ..good jobs

Hadden340's avatar

Ariel should have a new sidekick rather than flounder

ButchC's avatar
Ha...ha...ha...ha...this is to great....
Ok but seriously where is Mulan
monstercrunchiest's avatar

This is not fan art, this is fine art ! Should be exhibit in a museum :)

I readed the previous comments and I found quite funny and exasperating those people who seem to be embarrassed/shoked by Elsa being in a thong... It's just a sexy touch there is nothing wrong with this, she's a queen, not a child.

Anyway I really appreciate all of the details... seeing the Disney girls in a regular setting is very fun and I would be glad to see news pieces of art like this one in the future !

Congrats to you Eumenidi !

Wulfenyte's avatar
This is the best! So many things to keep looking at
kalinap's avatar
ChrisLang89's avatar
Wonderful. And... all those tiny detalis!
dawgs9's avatar
I love this! The more I looked, the more references to Disney/ Pixar was finding. I’m totally Merida btw. <3
Nathy-Chan19's avatar
And what about the boys?  laughing 
ArtSkepticBot015's avatar
Lol Snow white and sleeping Beauty are being lazy couch potatoes. :giggle:

Also WTF Jasime! :omg:
Herobrinetta's avatar
Belle is reading 50 shades of gray ~~~
Artman21's avatar
Merida is me in the morning lol
JustBrowsingBy's avatar
HA!  Ok, I saw Wreck it Ralph 2 recently and obviously, THIS hilarious how close it comes to the film in spirit!  Good work... and a Part 2!?!?  Also going into my favs.
KyouririinMagnifies's avatar
Basically this is Wreck it Ralph 2.
AWNye's avatar
you should add mulan and moana. this is awsome!
MsMartian0227's avatar
I like how Belle looks like the only sain one
What's Merida's problem? :)
KaumiThomason's avatar

Like how Snow White's sleeping in this piece XD
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