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Tagged by::iconstarkite1:

The rules are:

-pick one of your Ocs
-answer the questions below
-tag four people

I choose my Oc White Star:

What is your name?

I´m White Star, nice to meet you.

Do you know why you are named that?

I guess, my creator had nothing better to do.

Single or taken?

TAKEN!! Haha!

Stop being Mary Sue!!!

I´m not gonne answer that.

What´s your eye color?

Green, in human and robot form.

Hair color?

In human form black, with colored tips. 

Have any family members?

I had, but they are dead. My mother and father were killed by my sister and the rest, it down below.



That´s cool.. Now, tell me something you don´t like.

Ämm! Math! 

Do you have any activities/hobbys you like to do?

I like to play the guitar, listening music, I like to tease my friends and I like to paint. 

Have you ever hurt anyone in any way?

Yes. Sadly.

Ever killed anyone?

Yes. I accidentely killed my brother, I was brainwashed. And I purposely killed my big sister.
But that was because she wanted to kill me and because she was a psychopath.

What kind of animal are you?

Tiger. I love tigers.

Name your worst habits.

I´m very snoopy, I like to cause chaos. Hmm! What else? I can be very childish. Oh! And I´m very feisty.

Do you look up to anyone at all?

Yes. I look up to my friends.

What sexuality are you?

MALE OF CORSE!! No seriosly, scroll up and you´ll know.  

Do you go to school?

No. But I guess it would be fun. Fun to tease my classmates, that is.

Ever want to get married and have kids some day?

Well, I have never actually thought about it. so I guess I leave this question unanswered. WAIT!! I answered it!

Do you have any fanboys/fangirls?

Guys, this goes out to you. Who wants to be my fanboy? Come on, don´t be shy. I promise, I wont bite.

What are you most afraid off?

myself, sometimes. Living with a darker half, that tries to controll you is not very pleasant.

What are you most afraid off?

Like I said, my darker half. It takes controll of me, when I´m angry or afraid. 

What clothes do you usualy wear?

In my holoform skin tight leather pants, a sleeveless shirt, normal boots (no high heels). Five bracelets on each arm, starting from close to my elbows down to my wrists and three bands of neckwear. And in my normal form, my armor. 

What class are you (low/middle/high)?

No school, I´m a warrior.

What are your thoughts on pie?

I love pie, if I could only eat it. 

Favourite drink?

High concentrated energon.

Are you interessted in anyone?

Yes. My boyfriend.

That was a stupid question.


Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?

I think bouth.

What´s your type?

Do I have to? 

Camping or outdoors?

Sounds fun!
  • Listening to: Rock'n'Roll
  • Reading: Comics
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  • Listening to: Rock'n'Roll
  • Reading: Comics
  • Watching: Nthing