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Chapter2. The ceremony

3000 years can be a very long time, considering when you live on an destroyed planet and the only company you have and will ever have is an old master that can't tell the difference between a rock and his own foot. It’s kind of embarrassing, but his fighting skills never faltered. His old age was something that the young female respected and handled him with much patience. He pretended to be strong and untouchable, but had to except that his young student had long surpassed him. It seemed to him that just yesterday he found her and took her to Cybertron, the war, that left many scars on him, hunted him still, it was something that he could never rid himself off. The old master refused to talk about any of the past incidents whenever his student asked about it. He was scared!
The old and rusty bot thought his student everything he knew and overtime she grew to be strong, intelligent and fast. She gained a strong sence of the things around her.
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Ok so, this will be my first Fanfic. First I wanna say, that
in this Chapter, are includet two of my OC´s (White Star & her Master).
This story is starting with only these two. But later on, ther will be other Characters.
Chapter1: Master and student

Come here folks, sit down and enjoy the story I'm about to tell you. For this, please make sure to buckle your seatbelt and shut off all electrical devices. Because our journey is going to take us through space, away from our lovely little planet called earth. Yes, you heard right! We are going to visit another planet, how exiting. Where we will be going, you ask. Well, you will find out as soon as we are there. So sit back, relax and enjoy. 
As we are flying through this endless realm of, gas filled, planeres, we come across some lovely scenery. If you would please look to your left, you will how, at this moment, to commetes collide, isn't  it fascinating to see the remains scatter around the cos
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Mature content
Legends :iconeumel1999:eumel1999 0 4
Sweet smile by eumel1999 Sweet smile :iconeumel1999:eumel1999 2 0 Devil's dance by eumel1999 Devil's dance :iconeumel1999:eumel1999 0 8 Red eyes flare metal dragon by eumel1999 Red eyes flare metal dragon :iconeumel1999:eumel1999 3 0 Winged dragon of Ra by eumel1999 Winged dragon of Ra :iconeumel1999:eumel1999 7 0
Chapter11. Fight

"Where are White Star and Knock Out?!" shouted Megatron.
The others looked at each other.
"My apologies my Lord, but we havent seen those two." Airachnid bravely said and stepped forward.
Megatrons gaze went to Breakdown.
"I´m sorry my Lord, but I don´t know either. Knock Out just mentioned that he wanted to show her something and went off." he shrugged.
Megatron growled.
"Find those two. NOW!!" he ordered, shouting there audios off.
"I´m not sure about this, don´t you think he will belive that."
"Don´t worry, it´ll work out."
"I hope you are right."
´Where, in Unicrons name, are they?´ Breakdown thought, as he searched the halls of the Nemessis.
He was so in thought, that he didn´t noticed the person running towards him.
He noticed the person to late and collided with him.
"Ahhh!" a shirll shriek was heard and the person and him landed on the floor.
Looking up, he looked at White Stars white faceplate.
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I call apon you... by eumel1999 I call apon you... :iconeumel1999:eumel1999 1 2
Chapter10. What is love?

He gave in some coordinates and left the ship.
The still confused White Star, wasn´t able to comprehent what was happening.
Finally, he let go of her arm and gave her time to take in her surroundings.
White Star found herself standing on a white frocen ground.
She looked around, everything was white.
A cold breez blew snowflakes in her face and she had to close her optics for a second.
"Where are we?" she finally managed to ask.
Knock Out smirked.
"The North Pole, doll~" he announced.
She snapped her head back at him.
"Don´t call me that!" she hissed.
"Why not? I thing it suits you perfectly~" he purred.
She looked at him displeased.
She liked him, she found everything abount him fascinating.
The way he moved, the way he talked and of corse the wy he looked.
She couldn´t help it, but stare at the bot.
It seemed, that everything about him was perfect.
Ok, well not everything.
His constant whining about his finish was a little annoyi
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Soundwave by eumel1999 Soundwave :iconeumel1999:eumel1999 0 10 Hologramm by eumel1999 Hologramm :iconeumel1999:eumel1999 1 0

Chapter.9 Stressed out

While Knock Out was assigned to risk his finish for Lord Megatron, White Star had occupied herself by watching the sunset.
Meanwhile Blitzwing searched the corridors for her.
He had absolutely no idea why he did this, but he needed someone to talk to and he would rather talk to her than to the others.
He had thought about chatting with Starscream, but he would, non stop, brag about how much he hated Megatron and that he would someday be the leader.
And to be honest he was sick of listening to him.
The problem was, that he practically had no one else to talk to.
Soundwave wasn´t much of a talker, Breakdown was boring and he could definitely scratch Airachnid from the list.
So the only one he could talk to was White Star.
He just hoped that she was in a better mood than before and wouldn´t kill him.
He than finally found her sitting on the deck and watching the sunset.
She was so deep in thought that she didn´t even noticed him, when
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Chapter8.Abnormal situation

"Welcome back..." the tall person in the middle of the room paused.
Knock Out said something to him and he continued: "...White Star."
"Ämmm!" she stooed there dumbfounded and just stared at the others.
"Right, I forgot. You don´t remember us. My name is Megatron.
This is Soundwave my TIC, Black Airachnid, Blitzwing, Breakdown and my SIC Starscream." he gave Starscream an not amused glare, something like ´do anything stupid and I´ll kill you.´

White Star looked at them confused.
So the big clown in the middle was Megatron, very interesting.
She looked at the faces again and she had the underwhelming feeling, that these guys meant trouble.
Especially this Soundwave guy.
She shuddered, when she looked at him.
He had no face, just a dark visor.
It seemed to her that he had little to no emotions and she decided to stay away from him.
She than noticed that, one in particular, looked at her in a very creepy way.
It m
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She tried to move, but she was bound to a metal berth.
After a while she finally gave up.
"Forget it! You will never be able to free youself." said a voice and from the darkness emerged a Decepticon.
He was very thin, sleek and was about White Stars size, maybe a little taller.
The second she saw him, she felt different.
Her body felt like it was heating up and she felt so light.
She couldn´t really describe waht it was she felt, because she had this feeling before.
It was unknown to her and she wasn´t sure if it was a good or not.
She couldn´t explain why, but she liked the smooth sound of his voice, she could her the arrogance in it and the way he moved.
She couldn´t really find words to describe him, he was just...just...gorgeous.
She caught hersefl starring at his face and then she got lost in his red optics.
Everything about him was so perfect.
But what feeling was that?
Why did she felt like that?
Why couldn´t she stop st
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Chapter2. The ceremony

3000 years can be a very long time, considering when you live on an destroyed planet and the only company you have and will ever have is an old master that can't tell the difference between a rock and his own foot. It’s kind of embarrassing, but his fighting skills never faltered. His old age was something that the young female respected and handled him with much patience. He pretended to be strong and untouchable, but had to except that his young student had long surpassed him. It seemed to him that just yesterday he found her and took her to Cybertron, the war, that left many scars on him, hunted him still, it was something that he could never rid himself off. The old master refused to talk about any of the past incidents whenever his student asked about it. He was scared!

The old and rusty bot thought his student everything he knew and overtime she grew to be strong, intelligent and fast. She gained a strong sence of the things around her. She was always watching, anticipating, waiting. White Star had learned to move around in her environment without being seen, she leaned to wait and listen. Hiding in the dark, away from watchful eyes. She was a predator and her master was her pray. He used to always overpower her, he always won, but not anymore. Now he barley even had a chance against her, she would anticipate every move and conter with her own. A fast movement, his feet swept from under him and the next thing he sees is the damaged roof above them. Her old master meditated long on his final decision, the ritual performed to finally make her a warrior. He would no longer play a role in her life, he would just be her old master, that she had long surpassed, that she had no more respect for and could defeat with just a finger. The decision wasn’t easy, but she had to do it, she had to become one of them, it was what she was ment to be. And then he had to tell her. That was a thing that he was more afraid of than anything. He kept it secret from her for so long and after the ceremony he would have to face her and tell her the truth. Where she actually comes from, her ability to learn faster than any being to ever exist, a being more intelligent than anyone else. She was no ordinary transformer, nor did she belong to any of there kind, she was special, very special! He opened his eyes slowly, he had to do it.

„WHITE STAR!“ his old and scratchy voice echoed in the little space that wasn’t covered in rubble and dust. Patiently he waited for her to appear, but after a while of waiting, and tapping his foot in slight annoyence and with his patience slowly reducing itself to a thin line of anger, she still didn’t show herself. „Who does she think she is?“ he grumbled. „WHITE STAR!“ he called out once more, this time with much anger lacing his voice. Then from the corner of his eyes he saw something move. With the expectation of that moving shadow being his little student, he made his way in that direction. She was going to regret not showing up when he called for her. He walked towards a crashed building, with a nother leaning against it. At the foot of it lay an old ship, that crashed into the building and took some of the structur from the other building with it. Chunks of metal covered the space around it and from where the ship had crashed into the building, the window was compleataly smashed and broken. A limp arm marked the emediate death of the poor soul that was once steering the ship, it hung out of the window and reminded everyone around that there were once life on this desolated planet. The arm was rusted and old, it looked like it would disintegrate into dust when touched. The old master climbed over the vehicle, as good as he could, to have a look behind it. But all he saw was an old shred of black clothe that slightly moved when the breeze hit it. ‚What is something like this doing here?‘ he thought irritated. But before he could touch it, a hand shot out from behind it and smashed his head against the old wall of the building. The metal of his head cracked at the contact and a few shards splintered off when his head bounced back. He lost his balance and fell off the ship, his back hit the ground with a sharp and painful smash of metal. His vocal cords released a surprised and pained ‚Ah!‘. Behind his eyes spread a valley of black abyss, his consciousness drifted slowly away. He fought with all he had not to and to stay awake. It was hard, considering that the hit against his head and the collision with the building was nothing but weak. It damaged his head in such a way, that green energon slowly began to pool out of the fresh wound. For a moment he driftet between dream and realty, he saw memories of his past flash before his closed eyes and the next second he saw himself staring at the gray and depressing sky of there home. Realty was brought back to him when a metal shard poked his back and somewhat reminded him that he was still alive. Not completaly though. His eyes were still hazy and he had a hard time keeping them open. It felt like years passed by until he could finaly move again. The wounded mech rolled onto his side and leaned the weight of his body onto his arm. With the other he tried to somewhat lift his acing body off the ground, a groan passed his lips when he finaly managed to push himself onto his knees. Although he had to steady his shaking body with his hands, so that he wouldn’t flop back onto it. Two pairs of feet came into his vision and then something black was waved infront of his hazy eyes. „You let your guard down master.“ said White Star. Then she crouched down to his level and looked at him. 
„And why, if I may ask, did you do that? Are you trying to kill me?“ he spat. A headache began to consume his head. „Maybe!“ she answered so straight forward, that he actually belived, that she would. He knew of her dislike towards him. It was not something that she kept a secret and she often showed him in there fights that she did not care if anything happened to him (although she still respected him). He should say, that she rather enjoyed it to see him in pain or loose to her. It was somewhat of a sadistic way to think and feel about someone liken that, but that was just who she was. She never really showed any emotions around him, most of the time she had a somewhat blank expression. It made it hard to read her and even if she did show a hint of emotions or maybe a hint of a smile, it was emideately drowned by her stone cold face. He guessed she acted like this, because she was lonely. He could see it in her eyes. She maybe concealing them as best as she could, but her eyes never lied. If he looked deep into the abyss of green, he could see the emptiness and lonelyness in them. It pained him to see her like that. 

„What is it master? What do you want now?“ her voice was cold as well, but a hint of sadness slipped trough. He pushed himself up and back onto his shaking feet. The clothe he just overlooked, he didn’t care anymore where it came from and why should he. „I need to talk to you about something.“ White Star raised a brow at what he said. „I hope it’s not one of your boring speeches again.“ she muttered so he couldn’t hear. But he did anyways. „Watch your tone young lady, this is very important.“ he pointed a finger towards her figure and emphasized the word ‚important‘. His young student rolled her eyes in an annoyed manner and shifted her weight onto her right foot while crossing her arms in front of her chest. With a cold and disinterested stare, she watched, as her master wiped the green liquid from his head. For a moment he stared at his hand, like he had never actually seen his own blood before. „You‘re ready.“ he mumbled, more to himself than to her. White Star tilted her head to the side and watched him smear the blood, with his fingers, all over his hand. „There is something that I‘ve been wanting to tell you for a long while, but refused to do so, because I thought you were not ready, now I see that you are.“ he stopped for a second to gather his thoughts and steady his still shaking body. Minutes passed before he lifted his head again and stared deeply into her shimmering green eyes. He watched as the slit like pupils widened and slimmed again. „I have thought you everything I know and the skills and techniques you have developed have long surpassed mine. I’m proud to say, that you have earned the right to become a full warrior. For that you‘ll have to perform a ritual, a very dangerous one. I‘m not going to tell you what exactly happens, it’s forbidden, but be warned, this ritual might cost your life.“ he paused. White Star looked at the broken surface, that they were standing on, and thought his words over for a while. Then she nodded. „I‘ll do this!“ her master smiled at the determination in her voice, it was what she was born to do after all. His voice was hard and cold when he replied: „all right! Tonight.“
those were the last words he spoke before he turned around and dissapeared into ther home. The green eyed female watched him leave. ‚He is afraid.‘ she thought.

The evening took its time to roll by and all White Star could do was wait. Her master had dissapeared to prepare everything. Thousand thoughts swarmed through her head, but her mind always stopped at one in particular. Why was this so dangerous? She couldn’t comprehend the danger that was supposed to await her, this was all so starnge. She was even a little afraid to perform the ritual. What if something went wrong? What would happen to her? Too many questions and so litte answers. Her gaze stayed fixed on the ground, what if she couldn’t do it? She began to doubt herself? What if her master was wrong and she wasn’t ready to do this jet? Her head was buzzing, so inorder to clear her frightened mind, she decided to meditate, maybe this would help to clear the frenzy inside her and properly prepared for the ritual. It helped her a lot in the past and why not know? Besides she needed a clear and leveled head and stressing herself out over this would not help her, at all!

After what felt like hours her master finally appeared again. „Are you sure, you really want to do this?“ The small female nodded. „Yes master, I‘m ready.“ her voice was steady and full of determination. She was not going to back out of this now, not that she was this close. „Good! Follow me then.“ they left the main area and headed towards a room that the young student had never seen before. In front of the door her master stopped, he turned around and looked at her with a serious expression. „You‘re going in there alone, once you are in, you kneel down before a scroll, that I already lay out, and read it. Make sure that you read everything in the correct manner, than you make this symbol with your hands.“ he showed her and continued. „You may not undo this symbol and you have to hold it close to the middle of your chest, understood?“ White Star nodded. „Good, now go!“ he stepped away from the door and left. A few seconds passed until she opened the door, her masters words swirled through her head. The sight that unfolded infront of her was breathtaking. The room was dimly lit and decorated with red cloths on the floor and walls, it gave the room a somewhat eerie feeling. At the far end of the room stood something that resembled a little altar, on it lay a scroll. White Stars gaze wandered to the walls, in level of the altar hang two black clothes. Both of them portrayed a golden sun, it was the same symbol that rested on her shoulder. Absemently she traced her fingers over the imprint. White Star kneeled down before the altar and unrolled the scrolled. It was written in an ancient language. White Star ran her hands over the lines, the language was familiar evethough she had never seen it before and she was even amble to read it. The female was confused, why was she able to read something that she had never seen before. ‚Strange.‘ with a shaky voice, she began to read the words that were written down in gold letters. Her mind automatically translated the words: ‚those who kneel shall be touched by the light, those who bow shall receive my blessing. Death upon all who oppose me and fear eat those who that falter. May justice rain down upon you and bless you with everlasting power. Hear my cry child, hear my sorrow, feel my pain, taste my sorrow, see me suffering and witness my power.‘ the words didn’t made sense to her whatsoever. When she finished, she positioned her hands as instructed. The rest light in the room went out and everything went dark, wind began swirling around her. White Star panicked and looked irritated around. Everything around her crumbled away and her body was picked up off the ground. For a while her body floated in the dark abyss, after sometime a white light appeared before her. White Star shielded her eyes. „What is this?“ her voice echoed in the dark void around her. The light only seemed to grow. It consumed almost the hole darkness around her. „You have called me, my child?“ the voice was deep and old, but sounded wise and kind. „Y-yes! Who are you?“ she mentaly cursed herself for stuttering. The voice chuckled. „No need to fear me, child. I‘m not gonna hurt you and my name is Thenrun. What may your name be, child?“ the boom of his voice sent shivers up her spine and she felt her insides vibrate when he spoke. „White Star.“ her voice came as nothing more than a whisper. Thenrun hummed in thought. „Hmm...that is a strange name for a young and beautiful female like you. So you wish to end your training with your master and move on. You want to become a legend like your mother and father, right?“ confusion mixed with interest sparkled in her eyes. With a shaky voice she spoke out the question that lingered on her tounghe. „You knew my parents?“ 
this time the voice laughed. „Yes I did and I would be lying if I said that I didn’t expect you to call me, I just weren‘t so sure when.“ she could hear the grin in his voice when he spoke. Was he making fun of her? „What exactly is going on here  and why are you here?“ the voice hummed again. „You have called me, not the other way around. I’m here because of the ritual. I know that nobody told you, so it’s my duty to do so. To become a full warrior your tribe performes a ritual, where the student receives a sword and a companion. The sword will be forged from your soul and reflects your true self, it will awaken the powers deep inside you and enhances the users abilitys. Along with that, you will receive a spirit that will guide and help you through. That spirit will be me. For each one of your tribe exists a different scroll. The parents write it, by reading the childs soul and heart. Only those from your tribe can see me and only you can summen me forth to help you in times of need. But inorder to do so, I will have to bond with your soul and mind and that process itself is very dangerous and has cost many of your tribe there life, not to mention very painful. Are you willing to go through with this? Do you except the pain that I‘m going to cause you? Choose wisely, you still have the time to choose against it.“ Thenrun paused to give her the needed time to think things through. White Star let the spirits words sink in. It sounded frightening and she actually was afraid to loose her life because of this. „Just one thing I haven’t mentioned before. If you die during the ceremony, I die too.“ her head shot up at his words. „So it‘s a risk for both of us!“ the spirit hummed in confirmation. White Star returned her gaze to where the floor once was. Sudden determination flooded her body, her hands curled up into fists and she lifted her head again. She looked at the white light, what night this spirit look like, she wondered, while she chose what to say. „Let’s d-do this!“ she balled her fist so tight, that they began to tremble. But still the fear that was still there, the fear that she was probably going to loose her life, could not be masked. It was clearly evident, eventhough she tried to mask it with the spark of determination that burned inside her. „I can feel that you are afraid. Don’t let it consume you, if you do, you will surly not be able to endure this.“ his words weren’t really comforting nor encouraging. „Will you promise me something?“ the question was unexpected and she surprised not only herself, but also the spirit. When he didn’t reply she continued. „Promise to help me get of off this desolated and dead planet, please! I can no longer spend a day on this planet. It’s so lonely, I just want to leave! Please, promise me!!“ screaming the last sentences in hopeful desperation, she hugged herself tightly. Her body began to shake. All the locked up emotions pooled to the surface and consumed her. She could no longer keep the protecting shield up, she could no longer hide how lonely she was. The only desire she had, was to find those she belonged to. „I promise.“ surprised at his words, she looked up. „I will help you as best as I can, I promise.“ joy spread through her system, never in her life has someone made her feel this way. „So are you ready to perform the ritual?“ White Star nodded. Let‘s do this!“ the spirit smiled.
He chanted something in the same language, that the scroll was written in, at the sametime her body began to glow white. The light before her bergan to get smaller and smaller until it was completaly gone. White Star was left in the dark, only her body illuminated the cold and dark space. Fear reached out for her again and took hold of her fragile mind, than pain shot through her. It was so intense, that she thought, that her entire body was ripped apart. Her mind felt like it was being stretched to an abnormal length. A scream tore through the silence, she could feel how the spark in her chest began to beat more rapidly. Never in her life had she felt such immense pain, never! The pain that hammered down onto her mind made her vision foggy, she had the feeling that energon was leaking out of imaginary cuts and pooled down her body like a waterfall. It got more intense and she coul feel how a presence began to bore into her mind and soul. Her situation was indescribable, the presence felt like a shadow that was swallowing the last remains of light inside her. Her body bend backwards until her head almost touched her legs, the pain in her head got more intense and she grasped with both her hands. She wanted to squash her head to make the pain somehow stop, all the while her screams filled the dark void. They bounced off an invincible wall and came crashing back at her. They surrounded her like a coat and felt like needles that bore through her armor and disabled every and each working joint in her body. Then the feeling of something being ripped out of her chest let her bend forward, her head still in her hands, it felt like her spark was being ripped out and replaced with a cold and uneasy darkness. She suddenly felt empty. Than everything stopped, her arms fell limp down and her body stayed in the bend forward position. Her eyes were closed and she felt like she was drifting off in an unending void of darkness. Somewhere in her unconsciousness she could feel how her body slowly sank lower and lower until it was gently layed onto a hard and cold surface. A thin layer of fog surrounded her form, the lights in the room were back on and everything looked normal as if nothing had happened. In her unconscious state she felt like she was laying there for an eternity, until she finally had the strength to open her eyes and embrace reality again. Her eyes stared into nothing as she began to understand and register what just happened. After a while, that felt like ages agin, she managed to somewhat feel her body again, it felt heavy and her joints felt like she hadn‘t used them in ages. Alongside that, her head pounded with a splitting headache. A groan passed her lips and she had the feeling that somekind of weight pushed her back down. Her arms and legs wobbled, then gave out underneath her and she fell back on the floor. Her arms stayed buried underneath her for a while, she hadn’t any strength left to lift her body whatsoever. So she just stayed in the position, her face faced the wall and her eyes studied the uneven surface. Thousand thought stormed through her head and then she fell into the black abyss of unconsciousness. Her body fell completaly flat against the ground and didn‘t move again. 

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The rules are:

-pick one of your Ocs
-answer the questions below
-tag four people

I choose my Oc White Star:

What is your name?

I´m White Star, nice to meet you.

Do you know why you are named that?

I guess, my creator had nothing better to do.

Single or taken?

TAKEN!! Haha!

Stop being Mary Sue!!!

I´m not gonne answer that.

What´s your eye color?

Green, in human and robot form.

Hair color?

In human form black, with colored tips. 

Have any family members?

I had, but they are dead. My mother and father were killed by my sister and the rest, it down below.



That´s cool.. Now, tell me something you don´t like.

Ämm! Math! 

Do you have any activities/hobbys you like to do?

I like to play the guitar, listening music, I like to tease my friends and I like to paint. 

Have you ever hurt anyone in any way?

Yes. Sadly.

Ever killed anyone?

Yes. I accidentely killed my brother, I was brainwashed. And I purposely killed my big sister.
But that was because she wanted to kill me and because she was a psychopath.

What kind of animal are you?

Tiger. I love tigers.

Name your worst habits.

I´m very snoopy, I like to cause chaos. Hmm! What else? I can be very childish. Oh! And I´m very feisty.

Do you look up to anyone at all?

Yes. I look up to my friends.

What sexuality are you?

MALE OF CORSE!! No seriosly, scroll up and you´ll know.  

Do you go to school?

No. But I guess it would be fun. Fun to tease my classmates, that is.

Ever want to get married and have kids some day?

Well, I have never actually thought about it. so I guess I leave this question unanswered. WAIT!! I answered it!

Do you have any fanboys/fangirls?

Guys, this goes out to you. Who wants to be my fanboy? Come on, don´t be shy. I promise, I wont bite.

What are you most afraid off?

myself, sometimes. Living with a darker half, that tries to controll you is not very pleasant.

What are you most afraid off?

Like I said, my darker half. It takes controll of me, when I´m angry or afraid. 

What clothes do you usualy wear?

In my holoform skin tight leather pants, a sleeveless shirt, normal boots (no high heels). Five bracelets on each arm, starting from close to my elbows down to my wrists and three bands of neckwear. And in my normal form, my armor. 

What class are you (low/middle/high)?

No school, I´m a warrior.

What are your thoughts on pie?

I love pie, if I could only eat it. 

Favourite drink?

High concentrated energon.

Are you interessted in anyone?

Yes. My boyfriend.

That was a stupid question.


Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?

I think bouth.

What´s your type?

Do I have to? 

Camping or outdoors?

Sounds fun!
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Sorry, dass ich hier so rein platze, aber es ist dringend. Ich habe eine neue Fanfiction gestartet.:
(Ich versuche dich gerade direkt da hin zu linken, weil ich nicht jedes Kaptel einzeln schicken will. Es sind immerhin schon 19...)
Überflieg das bitte mal kurz. Also du must es nicht ganz genau alles lesen, sonder nur wissen, was da im Prinzip so passiert ist und sag mir bitte dann, wie du es findest.
Danke. :D
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