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EuMAX Seven Inspirat Pack 3.0



A transformation pack to turn your Windows Visual Style into Seven like ones. This pack has cool wallpapers, six themes, WinFlip, CircleDock, Windows Seven taskbar simulation and an automatic installer.

==== EuMAX Sev7n Inspirat Pack 2.0


*Added new themes (Blue, Pink, Yellow and SevenVG).
*Added WinFlip.
*Added new Wallpapers.
*Added seven taskbar simulation (icons style).
*Now the themes opens by shortcuts in the startmenu.
*New installation interface.
*The themes and the CircleDock do not open with a .bat application anymore.

==== EuMAX Sev7n Inspirat pack 3.0

*Added new theme (SevenXp by
*The source folder was deleted.
*Added new Wallpaper.
*The zip file is easy to use.

Known bugs:
*The pack do not display the blue, pink, yellow and SevenXp screenshots at the theme manager of Windows.
*SevenXP’s taskbar has a bug with Windows Blinds.
*The fonts of Pink, yello, blue and SevenXp themes sometimes are too white, using the Vista theme first will fix the problem.

Bug fixes:
Installation name fixed (it was 1.0 in the pack 2.0, now it is 3.0 and the pack is 3.0)


Theme file and collector:
EuMAX [link]

Djsync [link]
FrNak [link]
smj83 [link]
Mheltin [link]
Deskmundo [link]

Styles, themes and shells:
Marlon [link]
EuMAX [link]
AskVG [link]
Deskmundo [link]

Windows Sev7n Circle dock:
Eric Wong [link]

Koji Higashino [link]
Koji Higashino [link]

Seven SuperDock Icons
AskVG [link]

ClickTeam [link]
EuMAX [link]

Thanks to
Diego [link]

Made to look like Microsoft's original Windows 7 theme.
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stefanalecu1's avatar
windows xp it!.. but, when i slick my start button and bring up the start menu, my icons on the right side are cut in half on the left side. For example, the "My Documents", "Recent Documents", "My Pictures", etc.