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A massive project that started out by saying, "Hey, I'll bet that it would be fun to make a picture at 3200x2400..."

Simplicity is a bunch of different effects all thrown into one. It's sort of funny, the manor ended up looking just like something from the Sims.

My computer simply couldn't handle this all at once... So I did the grass and house separately. You'd be amazed what 30+ layers will do to your computer at that resolution.... :O

Before you comment, please be sure to click the Download button and see the complete image. It's really big! Really big! :D
Please leave your comments and criticism. I put a lot of time into this. :)

100% Paint.NET :boogie:

I think if I keep using it to make giant pictures like this, Paint.NET may stop returning my calls. :ohnoes:
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Looks good, you know where you went wrong so not much cc to give lol. :)
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you've done an amazing amount of work on this piece and it shows. grand! just grand!
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I'm liking the house a lot, from the vines to what looks like the corner of a bed.

great detail! :)
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over the hills far far away :D

i like it
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The clouds needs a bit work, and some of the alignment needs a bit tweaking.
Other than that, Good job :)
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Thanks! :D

I thought the same thing about the clouds actually.
I wanted something 'chunky'... but everything I tried just proved to be an exercise in futility. :noes:
0-ASH-0's avatar you mean something like this? [link]
And 1 extra hint for ya :)
Grass closer = larger = depth.
Save it for your next piece, as I know how tired one feels working on complex large project is. :nod:
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wow... that IS big
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Yes. Yes it is... I think my computer was about 2 or 3 more layers from calling a hitman. ;P

Thanks for your comment! :D (Even though you technically only stated the obvious. ;))
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