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Random Polka-dot Generator

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I was sort of bored... and totally burned out on everything else. So, I decided to throw this together. :P It generates polka dots of random sizes all over the place.

Naturally, higher amounts take a little bit longer to process, but it shouldn't ever take longer than one second.

How you use it:
1.) Type in any number 1-999.
2.) Select your color.
3.) Press Reseed.
4.) The end.

Color options: If it's got a hex code, you can make it that color. Or type in "random" without the quotes. Yes, it has to be "random". Not "Random", not "ranDom", not "macaroni". "random". The end.
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Hey, what program did you use to make this? and was it hard to make? because I've been looking EVERYWHERE (with no results) for a dot generator that creates a custom display of random dots (where you choose the size range, with a greater range of density to choose from) because I've been wanting to put something like that into a design I'm making. i'm basically looking for a bigger, more customizable version of what you made. if it wouldn't be too much trouble, would you make it? i'd be forever greatful :D
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damn I need the same thing. this is perfect for what I need, just too small. I need about 10x10 of them all at once.
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Thank you! :)

I made it with Flash CS3. :D Sadly, I no longer have the program because of a hard drive failure. :/ (it was a gift, and I haven't got nearly the money to replace it)

Good luck on your project though! Sorry I couldn't be of much help. :(
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That's entertaining ^-^
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That is freaking awesome.
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this is pretty kewl :D but whats a hex #? all of the dots keep turning out black and i cant seem to fix it...
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Thanks. :)

Um, a hex code is a 6 character 'number'.
You can use 0-9 and A-F. With 0 being the lowest and F being the highest.
The quick version:
FF0000 - Makes red
00FF00 - Makes green
0000FF - Makes blue
FFFF00 - Makes yellow
FF00FF - Makes purple
00FFFF - Makes teal

Check this page out for more color combinations. [link] (There are countless millions of combinations, don't worry about memorizing them all. o__o)
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:D Better than salty!

Glad you like. :nod:
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would make a great plugin to Paint.NET imo, like the random lines generator :)
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That's exactly what I had in mind when I made it! haha
But I wouldn't know where to begin on a plugin... >_>
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Surprisingly addicting.
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Woo! My completely unnecessary thingy is a hit! :D
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If you do it really fast it's like the dots are dancing! :3 :P
Glad you like.
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Oh my gosh that's amazing! :D :clap:
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This is pretty cool!!! :-)
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I'm glad you like eet! xD
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omg! i love this!
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That´s really cool!
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