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May 3, 2011
Suggester's words: Clearly a lot of work was put into Paint.NET: Interactive Guide by ~Eulogy-Dignity considering it let's you look at almost every aspect of the program. It really brings you into the program and I'd have to say it's pretty helpful for someone who's new to Paint.Net is such a popular program; it would be best for all of dA to know about this virtual tutorial!
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Paint.NET: Interactive Guide

Want to download this guide for offline use? Get it here! [link]

Update 1/17/2008
I wasn't entirely happy with the first version and have since totally redone the tutorial.
More screenshots (about 160, I believe) and more descriptions all around.
It's much, much more complete than the original!

New to this version
"Random" button - Pressing the top corner (where the 'close program X' is.) will take you to a random frame.
Layer Blend Modes - I went over it in depth this time around.
More descriptions - Check around, lots of stuff has been revamped.

Update: Jan. 18, 2008
I finally managed to isolate the bug in my random script and have fixed the problem. I also fixed one or two minor grammatical errors that I noticed.

Update: Jan. 20, 2008
I just clicked the Download button for reasons even I don't fully understand only to realize that it doesn't actually allow you to download this tutorial... Armed with such knowledge, I've now made it possible to, what else, but download this tutorial! You can get it for offline use (or whatever else really) here! [link]

Jan. 22, 2008
This update features some incredibly minor aesthetic issues. The preloader is more "professional" now and all the text links are more noticeable. Also, I cleaned up the grammar in the "Help menu" section.


Anyone who preferred the first version can find it in my Scraps here. [link]
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Ringcaat's avatar
I wasn't able to see the interactive portions when I tried this a year or two ago, but now I can.  Not sure what's changed!  Thanks for the work--it was helpful.
I cannot get the intactive to play , it downloads OK , but plays at high speed. I am running windows 10, what I can see looks good.
I have no idea how to "begin". Pity me, hapless senior citizen.
so, how do I get the turorial to play ?
Ringcaat's avatar
I don't understand what this is good for, unless I just don't understand what some feature does.  But it's far more likely I'm going to want to do something and not know how, and this doesn't seem to help.  I'm used to tutorials being sequences of things that you're shown how to do, as examples.  The way people are commenting suggests that you should be able to do something with this, and actually use the tools, but I can't see how.
Look I am really a newbie at this is there a tutorial on how to create layers? I find the create new layer on top menu but I cannot create a new layer on top of background layer without it being repalaced with new one selected. I just want to build a cartoon figure for my online company logo so I need several layers to complete the figure.
I cannot get the tutorial to start.
I want to make a tutorial for a game, and i think this would be the perfect way to do...what is this and how do i do it?
xIfPeopleListenedx's avatar
What type of file do I make it to put it onto
HetaliaPastaX3's avatar
hello there i have same question that..
Ohthehumanityplz's avatar
You should explain something about the 'fill' tool right next to the brush. I've beginning to see more use in it and I find it sad it's not focused on here.
bbgoldkey's avatar
how do I play the tutorial?
I only see a bunch of captions that coincide with the objects clicked. This was not helpful to me. A tutorial shows you HOW to use the items not just what they are. I must be missing something or nobody else has the least clue about these types of programs. These graphic type programs can get very complicated to use without actual examples on how to use the features.
echa1999's avatar
whoa this is the most cool Paint.NET tutorial i ever have, and i love this program so much XD
JCM1953's avatar
This took a long time to load and it's really not very helpful. I'm trying to find out how to resize an image, how to crop an image and get rid of the checkerboard pattern, and to figure out how to remove a black background from a photo. This only describes the tool bar, nothing more, and uses a lot of technical terminology like "anti-aliasing."
Sigilos's avatar
I'm not new to Paint.NET, but I don't usually use many of the tools, just the basic stuff for a few simple tasks now and again. I recently wanted to do some more powerful editing of some pictures, and had no idea how to use most of the things the program had at it's disposal. This tutorial was perfect, thank you for making it. :dance:
How do make the tutorial work? It's just a static image. A few menus drop down, but that's it. What am I missing???
alexrashidart's avatar
you click on stuff and it explains it. It's very helpful :D
Your reply NOT very helpful. I get white text on black screen explaining what this is. I clicked on "watch", got request I sign up. Signed up, clicked "watch" again. Button turned green and said "watching". Nothing else changed. Click anywhere: nothing.

Author really should give full instructions how to start. Many people seem happy with it. So it MUST work for SOME people!
Rage-o-rama's avatar
Thank God this site exists. I've never heard of until someone replied to one of my many comments begging for DA muro to have a type tool, but I think I'll give this software a shot :D
IZcrazy's avatar
Hey i just got this today and i was wondering can u shade in it? and if u can please tell me how!
LeofromBr's avatar
Wonderful guide! Thanks a lot!
hi why doesn't the crop tool work
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