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Downloadable PdN Guide

If you happened upon this without seeing the 'real thing' first, you can view it here without a download.

I just noticed that when you click the "Download" button on the other version it doesn't actually download anything... So, here's a .zip for all your offline needs! :D
The .zip contains three files, an .swf, .html, and a .js.

So long as the file is not tampered with at all, you are free to use it for anything you wish.
If you upload a copy of this to another website, I only ask for a message stating that you've done so. A link back to my gallery/dA page is always appreciated, but I've included one in the tutorial itself so you shouldn't need to worry about that too much. ;) (Since it sort of goes back to rule #1 of "no tampering".)

Once you've unzipped the folder, just double-click the HTML file and it should open up in your default browser without any problems. (You will still need the .swf and .js as well. Make sure you don't delete them)
Naturally, I haven't had a chance to test this on any computer other than my own, so be sure to let me know if there are any problems. :D

If you would like a standalone .exe version, please feel free to ask!
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this is broken
How does one start or even obtain the tutorial? 
where is the tutorial?  
I'm a new Paint.NET user and can't seem to download the Visual Guide. Please send the link that others have mentioned. Thanks
Please send standalone .exe. Thank you.
Please send me a standalone .exe version. Thanks in advance
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Please send me a standalone .exe version.  I just get a black screen when I press .html file located in the .zip
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Please send me a standalone version of the guide to
Please send me a standalone version of the guide to
Please send a stand-alone version of the guide.


Hi there! Please send me stand-alone version of the guide.  Do you need my e-mail?
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I am an 80 years old user and do really understand very little of pc in general. I could however get by using if only a clear guide was available. I wasn't able to watch anything from this page, so I would be grateful if you sent me a standalone.exe. I seize the opportunity to ask anybody in the audience how (in I can get rid of a tool once I want to go back to the default one. I know it's a very naif question, but the problem it involves is troubling me a lot. Thanks. 
I ran HTML file and got msg "This page requires AC_RunActiveContent.js"
Ran AC_RunActiveContent.js got "windows can't open this file".
please send a standalone, I've followed all your instructions landed up with 6 open tabs in my browser and no tutorial that works. I'm petrified of picking up a virus with all these extra things I have to download!
Hi there! Please send me stand-alone version of the guide.
Hi I would like a stand-alone version of the visual guide.
Many thanks, Ray (
Could you please send me an .exe version? I downloaded the three standalone files and unzipped them, but get an error associated with the .js file - says it needs navigator. Thank you!
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Same here - does not download at all.
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Look to the right side and you will see a small rectangle with the zip file in it. It will say Download in blue and under it you will see ZIP download, 14.2 MB. If you hover over it you will see it directs you to the


I sure hope this helps folks out:)


The Cuda Man

Hi, could you do one on creating a website header from scratch? I would love to see that very much and by the way thanks for this interactive.
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Thanks heaps for sharing the visual guide, it'll be a great help :happybounce:
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can I please have a exe version
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How do I get the tutorial to work, I can not get it to begin.l
thank you
No download here. Please advise where to get the Zip.
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