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Vernantius: Aulus Vespasian Blackwood by Eulerian-Circus Vernantius: Aulus Vespasian Blackwood by Eulerian-Circus


Name: Aulus Vespasian Blackwood

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Birthday: December 1st

Place of Birth: Illestra

Height / Weight: 6’2” (189cm) /  140lbs (63.5kg)

Species: Elf - As an elf, Vespasian can expect a typical trend of human maturity that tapers off after the age of twenty and slows to a snail's pace. He can expect to live to several hundred years old, should nothing happen to him. His physiology is otherwise that of a human, though he is more resistant to disease and exhaustion, being able to function with minimal amounts of asleep (around three to five hours a night).

Special physical traits: Vespasian has short, elven ears but otherwise appears to be wholly human besides his inhuman hair and eye colors. As an elf, he is also much taller than most humans.


Magic Specialization: Healing - Vespasian specializes in the healing of humanoid creatures. This does not extend to curing diseases.

Magic spells: Aid - By making flesh to flesh contact with another person, Vespasian is able to heal their wounds. The intensity of the healing depends on the length of contact maintained, with up to five minutes required for healing a moderate flesh wound or minor internal damage. He must be touching the general area of the wound for this to work effectively. Internal damage, because it cannot normally be touched, takes much longer to heal as a result. He is also unable to sense the severity of wounds and as such, internal wounds remain the bane of his existence. Generally speaking, he can keep on healing moderate wounds so long as he takes a break (about twenty minutes) every five patients.

Sacrifice - In certain moments of panic or extreme stress, Vespasian can channel his magic to remotely heal another person who is no more than five meters away from him. The closer they are, the faster they are healed. In this way, he can heal somebody of major wounds near instantly. The cost, however, is his ability to do magic for the next twenty-four hours. In addition, he will gain whatever wounds he healed in this way. They can be healed normally with Lay on Hands. The problem is whether or not he'll survive the day in order to use it.

Magic Passive: Healer's Aura - Maybe it's just wistful thinking but those who spend significant time in Vespasian's company always seem to walk away a little more energized than when they first arrived. There is a weak aura of magic around him which reaches out about one and a half meters. People within this range receive nearly untraceable amounts of healing magic which slightly boost their health and energy levels. Spending thirty minutes in this aura is enough to heal a papercut.


Student ID: 710101
House: Neramorse
Grade: 4
Dorm: TBA
Club/s: TBA


Current courses: 
[H-C] Charms
[H-P] Potions
[E-L] Linguistics
[E-MS] Medical Studies
[E-H] Herbology
[E-A] Alchemy

Completed course: TBA

Completed SWC: TBA


By his quiet demeanor and tendency to avoid strangers, Vespasian can seem aloof to strangers and those unfamiliar with his habits. He is a worrier, anxious and desperate for public approval, which he sees as a serious flaw and thus stems his habit of avoidance. Practicing a sort of optimistic nihilism, Vespasian is soft and kind by nature but reluctant to reveal it to those he does not trust as he is afraid of being taken advantage of. He is, however, a ready ear for any sob story and easy to win over regardless of his many safeguards. He has a strong sense of right and wrong and it is fundamentally against his nature to simply sit something out if an injustice is being committed, much to his misfortune.

A loyal friend, Vespasian would rather prove himself through actions than words. Though he is a strict pacifist, he understands that words are at their core meaningless when not backed up with doing. That said, he often is willing to play the peacemaker in disputes and keeps an open mind when making judgments. However, he does not want to be seen as a person who can be absolutely counted on. The fact that it can compromise his morals makes him highly uncomfortable. As far as he sees, he should not have to change himself for others if they truly accept him.

Vespasian is characterized primarily by his struggles between personal morality and loyalty to others. Most times he chooses his own code of morality over others. Each time he does, he drives himself more and more into isolation and uncertainty.

Positive traits: Loyal, Kind, Moral, Open-Minded

Neutral traits: Pacifist, Quiet, Stable

Negative traits: Anxious, Conflicted, Isolated

Likes: Kindness, Books, Being Useful, Making People Happy, Sunshine, Rain On Windows, Warm Places

Dislikes: Crass People, Rudeness, Cruelty, Cold Places, Being The Center Of Attention

Hobbies: Gardening, Cooking, Sewing


Aulus Vespasian Blackwood was born Aemilia Verana Blackwood, second child and only daughter of Aurelius Vitellius Blackwood and Serena Julia Coldwell. From an early age, Verana was doted over by her mother, a powerful elf who had been kidnapped from her family by his grandfather specifically for the purposes of merging their bloodlines. Serena Julia initially saw her and her secondborn’s shared sex as a point of commiseration. As a result, her firstborn, Augurinus Valerian, was often overlooked and put into the company of his weak-willed, unremarkable father.

Despite this, Verana and Valerian became close as the older sibling constantly snuck out to see his younger sister away from their mother’s self-projected expectations. Even at this time, however, Verana was having doubts. She felt strange in her own skin and something in her stomach churned at the idea of being named a proper lady. It was not the dresses or dolls or frills that set off her alarm. It was the idea of being perceived as a woman, living as a woman, dying as a woman. He confided his  fears to his brother and it was Valerian who named his youngest sibling Aulus Vespasian. For a while, they kept the secret to themselves. However, Vespasian was quickly coming to the attention of their grandfather, the Blackwood patriarch, for his magical prowess.

Augurinus Valentinian Blackwood was a stern man, firm father, and strong leader. He had already overlooked his own son as heir, as Vitellius’s spinelessness disgusted him even more than Serena Julia’s defiance of him brought frustration. That left Valerian, already a little too old and cowed, and Vespasian, talented and who had not yet learned to be frightened by him. Needless to say, Valentinian chose the younger. Lured by a sense of belonging, Vespasian confided in him his secret. 

Against all expectations, Valentinian was actually thrilled to have a male heir. He accepted Vespasian by his chosen name, a stark contrast to Serena Julia who continued to call him by his dead one, feeling as if her precious daughter had been “stolen” from her. Valerian was frightened by their grandfather’s newfound interest in Vespasian’s life but due to uncertainty, Vespasian kept up congenial relations with the man and was brought deeper and deeper into the family craft.

Unfortunately, as Vespasian soon found out, the family craft was necromancy. Initially disgusted, he hid his horror under a veneer of interest as Valentinian began to unload generations’ worth of terrors. Quietly, Vespasian began to do his research. Unwilling to draw his brother into the mess, he left Valerian in the dark, unknowingly letting his brother fall prey to his own growing paranoia. One day, Valerian simply disappeared, with nobody but Vespasian worried at all about his well-being.

Vespasian took note and finally decided to take action. He reported his grandfather to the appropriate authorities for necromancy and watched as his entire family, minus his mother, was brought down on the charges. He himself escaped relatively unscathed but the family name was forever tarnished and he was given over to his mother’s custody. She received him coolly without interest and, for the most part, forgot about him, fulfilling only the bare minimum of her responsibilities to him. 

For some time, she kept him occupied with private tutors and discreet attempts to reconvert him back to his original gender. More and more self-conscious of his body, Vespasian began to starve himself in an attempt to put off certain traits of puberty. When he finally had the chance to, he summoned up his courage and went to Vernantius in a last ditch attempt to get away from her.


Vespasian stepped in front of the door as the person before him dejectedly sulked away. He wiped his palms against his pants mechanically, his blood like ice in his veins. Please, let me in, he pleaded silently, mind assailed by images of the future that would await him if he were turned away. He would be Aemilia again, he thought, if only so that his mother would become the loving woman she had once been. If only for her to treat him well and smile and wish him the best. It would kill him, he knew, but slowly. By the end, he might even learn to accept it. Maybe Vespasian had just been a phase. Maybe it meant nothing.

I can’t let that happen. He stepped forward, expecting nothing, having nothing to offer. He was not the smartest student. He was not the bravest. His family name was trash now. He could hear the others in the line whispering behind him. What would it mean to be rejected now? It was just another to throw onto the pile, given by a set of doors of all things. Not even a real, feeling person. Just an unthinking thing.

His heart stuttered. The moment stretched out into eternity. He felt the sun rise, set, and die a million times in a fiery infernal.

The doors opened.

Disbelievingly, Vespasian stepped forward as if in a dream. The doors closed behind him soundlessly. The blood pounded in his ears. Candles lit the way in the darkness, stretching out to an endless staircase. Because the only other option would be to collapse in shock, he climbed and did not tire. He breathed, feeling faint and soft as the breeze.

Brightness engulfed him at the end. He looked at it with wide eyes as it blinded him, the purging light banishing the uncertainty in his mind. A man, smiling, came to focus. His arm was outstretched and welcoming and Vespasian





Aristyllus Speer 
Acquaintance | Housemate
A presumably nice girl. She did little at the welcome feast. Vespasian has no particular thoughts on her.

Coral Aquati
Acquaintance | Housemate
A clingy girl. Her first reaction to finding out that a stranger had a birthday was to hug them. Vespasian feels wary of her. 

Kairius Baette
Acquaintance | Housemate
A nice boy. His belated birthday was somewhat ruined by being attacked by a raging banana? Vespasian feels a little sorry for him.

Kichirou Akiyama
A mysterious boy. He seems to know more than he should. Vespasian is suspicious of him.
Marigold Lune
Acquaintance | Housemate
An confusing girl. She was able to cow a rabid fruit into submission through sheer disappointment. However, she also absently ate a fistful of worms. Vespasian is both impressed and bemused. 

Moon Soo Min
An enthusiastic girl. Her smiles can be terrifying. Vespasian feels wary of her.


Trivia: Vespasian is a bad liar. He is great at stretching the truth and omitting facts but a perceptive person can see through the twists. That is when everything starts to fall apart.

Vespasian is completely asexual but biromantic. He likes the idea of a relationship but is too scared to actually engage in one.

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