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Current Residence: Buffalo, New York

Hello, and thank you for visiting my gallery. In my professional life, I work as a software engineer, but I am so much more than that. In fact, it saddens me that those around me, who don't know me well, automatically label me as "IT" or a "math guy", and peg me for a non-creative type, when it is completely the opposite!

Regarding my gallery, I have always admired beautiful creatures, and beautiful, flowy, clothing. So, in a lot of my art, and character designs, I often try to combine the two things, because I think they make for very aesthetically pleasing combinations. I have not even come close to achieving perfection, here.

(As a guy, I hate that society thinks I am weird for wanting to wear skirts, and dresses, but the truth is that I think that such garments look better on both sexes (though, they need to be tailored to their respective body types). Also, pants are uncomfortable. I see no reason why my secondary sexual characteristics, my sexuality, or my sexual identity, should have anything to do with what I find aesthetically pleasing, and what I like to wear.)

What I hope to get out of this gallery is reaction to the characters, and themes I explore. I don't care about favs as an end, but merely as a means to getting more exposure for my work. Currently, I have no interest working in the professional industry. If I did, my gallery would currently be blank, as I feel none of my pieces are polished enough to be considered of that caliber.

That being said, I do take pride in my work, and abilities, and I am always striving to improve. In particular, right now, color theory is punching me in the face, repeatedly, while laughing, and hurling racist epithets at me. So, I have to figure that out...

Favs are nice, but I value meaningful comments way more. Of course, comments take time, and effort. If you do comment on my stuff, it is ok to be critical, but, please be respectful, specific, and aware that I already know I should work on providing backgrounds, more shading, and my linework needs improving.

Vague, non-specific, comments, like,

"You need to work on your anatomy,"

while possibly well intentioned, are not helpful.

It is better to tell me precisely where I need to work on my anatomy, if you feel I need to. If it's everything, then pick one thing that most offends you, and tell me I need to work on that.

If you really do wish to comment on my shading, lack of backgrounds, or line work (or any other aspect), again, please be specific, and maybe even offer helpful suggestions for how to improve upon the offending element.

That being said, don't feel like you have to critique my stuff. I also value it, when people comment on how my stuff makes them feel.

As a final note on this topic, if you do leave a meaningful comment, I will return the favor, unless you ask me not to. Please know that any criticism I offer is out of a place of support, and appreciation, than out of any sense that I am superior to you.

Currently, I am working on a comic based off of some of my characters. I posted the first page here:


I hope to post more pages soon.

Regarding my characters, you may use them in your own work, as long as

1) you honor the spirit, and intention, of my characters. If you aren't sure about what that means, ask me, and I will clarify.

2) you attribute them to me, and notify me that you've used them.

Otherwise, feel free to have them doing whatever. Eating a bagel. Powering up. Whatever.

I always love seeing how others interpret the characters I create.

Finally, regarding my other interests, I regard myself as a bit of a polymath, and it's a bit frustrating in the world we currently live in, because everybody expects me to "specialize," and can't understand why I don't want to. On the contrary, I am working on several projects in a variety of domains. Currently, my focus is on art, and writing my comic, but I have also been working on a prototype physics theory that uses a property of locally conserved Tensorial quantities to hypothesize things that address why we live in locally Minkowski space, why gravity exists, why particles have wave equations, why particle physics takes place in Hilbert Space/Fock Space, and other things. There is no telling when the inspiration will seize me on that project, and I will drop my art for a few months, or a year, to develop it further.

Anyway, thanks, again for visiting my gallery, and I hope you see something that inspires you.

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Manchester Orchestra
Other Interests
Math, Physics, Singing

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