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If they had a message, it would probably sound somewhat like this:


Messengers: "We have seen your kind and its ways. Humankind is capable of showing kindness in many ways and showing love towards one another. However we see great danger for your kind if you do not stop your destructive ways. The path you have chosen is a dangerous one, human."

Human: "I am aware there are dangers that lie ahead, and I stand ready in defense of those whom I care about. I have hope that one day our kind can put away their ways."

Messengers: "Your kind has a long way to go yet, human. Be careful on your journey and remember your purpose."

The beings are inspired by this music video:…

3D morphs courtesy of:…


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Beautiful~ I love how they surrounded the man~ 
The bacground is really nice pretty~

*inhales* ...CAN I HUG THEM?!
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This is inspirational! Clap 
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Amaziiiiing!!!! :D
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ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! I am totally speechless and believe me, that does not happen very often lol  We Are Not Worthy - NaNoEmo Day 3  I think I have asked you this before but, what program do you use  to create your 4D characters?  
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This was done using DAZ Studio 4.6 in 64bit. Most of my older ones were done in Studio 3 with 32bit. The alien figure morphs are courtesy of
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Totally awesome!!!!! Alien  
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Liking the music link, very cool and spiritual :nod:

Interesting work well done as usual :D

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Annoying how supremely advanced aliens are almost always portrayed as kind, peaceful and patronizing beings who never engage in violence or cruelty. How did they ever build a civilization and tamed the beasts of their original homeworld, unless they were at least somewhat violent species?
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You do bring up an interesting point. However this is a projection based on how the artist would rather see these beings. It is merely a point of perspective.

If you were to ask me an honest opinion about extraterrestrials, based on the fact I have never seen one; There does seem to be a cloud of deception covering the entire phenomena.

Coming from a Christian background, the idea of otherworldly life is treated as a fact. There are many accounts of angels descending from the heavens, and appearing from out of spiritual realms, as well as demons that can manifest themselves and even take on the form of an angel and deceive.

However with that concept put aside this is merely one artist's concept, and any ideas portrayed are of that artist and not considered written fact about an actual extraterrestrial species.



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This is neat. Too bad the people who try to be decent get dragged down and punished for the actions of the few.

Thank you for sharing.
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The Army is that way too. We get bad media attention.
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It is so unfortunate when that happens.

<br / />Thank you for your service.

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Not bad, I wrote a short story on this concept a year ago ->… and I am working on the second part :)
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Interesting read. I'm not sure I got to write down everything in my thoughts but this was a start.
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What do you mean "write down in my thoughts" just curious :) also thank you :pray:
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I had a bit more I was going to write down, trying to put my thoughts into words sometimes is a challenge. Maybe I will add some more later.
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Well writing is always a good choice when it come to express what is within and also art work is good, and as I saw your are good in both ;p good luck.
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