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What Would You Ask For?


(originally posted on my blog on April, 17th 2015.)

What would you ask for if you knew the answer was ‘yes’?

- Author Unknown.

I stumble to this question on r/askreddit posted way days ago, though some people didn’t answer it seriously, but this one hits me. I quickly doodled it down with the closest brush I can reach in my table. I made this one earlier at work, and I show it to several coworkers. I asked them this very same question.

The business director said “Money,” and I said, “No, I mean, beside money.” - and he took several seconds to think & said; “Stock/shares from the largest company in the world - So i can get money, and i can buy ticket to travel around the world.” he said that in one breath.

And then I asked the social media team the same question and I briefly said ‘you can’t say money’ to her- and she just silent thinking, and then I asked my fellow interactive designer the same question, and she went ‘hmmm’ thinking and have not yet gave answer until now haha.

I turned my back and asked the social strategist guy; and he said,
“Dear God, can I go to Jannah (heaven)?” - for a moment there I stunned and shackled. The others answered ‘Can I get 500% raise’ and ‘Would I be happy all my life’ - etc.

It is interesting to see some people answered it; some in doubt, or in split seconds with confidence, or with utter silence, or with a loud ‘hmmmm’ plus furrowed eyebrow.

Then, I asked my self;
“What would you ask for if you knew the answer was yes?” -

It only took me a second to say “Will I survive in this cold cruel world?” - and I want a solid “Yes.” to believe in. I mean, everyone will survive in their own term, eventually. It’s just.. sometimes I need to be told to, to make sure, as a grip, to invoke my courage.

Hmm. And you, What would you ask for?

> made using Pentel Aquash and Winsor & Newton Ink, scanned and edited on photoshop.


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Love, eugeniaclara.

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This is my new wallpaper
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"Can I start over?" (so many mistakes and so much pain) Sigh...
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The first thing that came to my mind was "am I hired?" because I'm bankrupt and desperately seeking for job. But that said if I thought better, for the long term, I would go with "can you stop the suffering of my family?" 
So many bad things had happen to them, that I just wish I could wipe them out and see my parents smile again, with no troubles in their mind...
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I think I am fortunate: THe things I wanted too much to hope for are mine. The "stuff related answers are things like good set of Knives[kitchen, not slaughtering you freaks] or time to prepare my family a special Feast to let them know how much they have given me.
 I could go on, but, my problems are so first world that it might border on elitist.

Ok, no, I do have one, If I could take the hurt out of my friend who watched a man die yesterday while she was on the phone with 911, I would ask for that. Instead I'll ask that she has the strength to work through it.
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So many choices to choose. I guess I will do all of them.
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And same, probably the question if I will the survive this cruel world as well.

And sorry, but infinite sushi would be a big plus.
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To travel the world or know what my crush thinks about me
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If Prussia, Kirito, Gray, Natsu, Sasuke, Death the Kid, Naruto, Japan, Italy, Sebastian, and Ciel were all real so I could kiss them.... :-3

I'm very strange
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I think, this is one of the quotes which I'll not forget that easily. Thanks for sharing Love 
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If anime characters were real people >u<

and unlimited food and trips to any amusement/theme park

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Ask people to check out my deviantart, respect my style and stop using lobster as a font.
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"Could we try again?"
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World peace and a bigger booty
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A Cure for all disease and a ham sandwich! I ask for a juice too but, I think that's asking for a little to much.
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I demand cookies!

Nice design!
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"Can I reach to the people who need help, by using the talent I have?"
Yes to that would be amazing.
It would tell me that I can do what I'm reaching for in this cruel world.  I am a dummy! 
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:D You're dearly welcome... :heart:
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